Can you afford not to have one?

Do you stare at screens and displays all day long? Do your eyes feel tired and puffy afterwards? You need to get an eyebrator! ASAP! At least that’s what Gemma Chan did.

“It looks like a vibrator, so I call it my ‘eyebrator.’”

In a recent interview with InStyle magazine, the actress opened up about her beauty faves: “When my eyes get puffy, I pull out my Foreo Iris massager — it mimics the tapping used in traditional Asian skin care. It looks like a vibrator, so I call it my ‘eyebrator.’ [laughs] I get funny looks when I use it in the back of a car or when I go through customs at the airport, but it’s so soothing.” 

Gemma isn’t the only celeb who swears by FOREO’s IRIS. The OG social media queen, Paris Hilton, gave the extraordinary device her iconic “That’s hot!” seal of approval during her nighttime skincare routine with Harper’s BAZAAR. But TBH, at this point we’re kinda used to celebs gushing over FOREO gadgets.

When ancient beauty secrets and technology meet

“All of our designers have one on the table and can’t live without it. When eyes get tired just use it for 30 seconds and your eyes are back on the work… FOREO IRIS is the must-have gadget on the working table of everyone who works with a screen”, said FOREO founder and inventor Filip Sedic.


IRIS is an illuminating eye massager inspired by the lymphatic eye massages practiced in Asia, also known as eye-tapping therapy. This award-winning device can help reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles, crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles. Trials show that IRIS is 3.5 times more effective than fingertips alone at reducing bags under eyes and 70% more effective at reducing dark circles. And if that’s not enough, IRIS also dramatically improves the absorption of your favorite eye creams and anti-aging serums. Its secret? Alternating T-Sonic™ Technology. 

Easy to use, hard to stop

As you can tell, IRIS is super easy to use. You can choose one of two modes: Pure Mode replicates a manual massage, while Spa Mode recreates a professional beauty treatment by combining tapping with delicate pulsations. Then the only thing left to do is to hold the hole-end under the contour of your eye, or above the brow, depending on where you feel your problem areas might be and tap away. And that’s it! Happy high-tech eye-care!

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