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Constantly learning, growing and expanding

A company devoted to innovation, growth and change is appointing a new CEO to lead their 2021 expansion. Here at FOREO, we’re always cooking up something delicious—from developing and reimagining cutting-edge products to coming up with new ways to take care of ourselves. And this year, we have even more in store. Maybe you’ve heard about the mighty microcurrent that’s making waves in the skincare community? Or maybe you’re looking for a powerful device to boost your entire routine and shake up the skincare world? Then stay tuned.

The mind behind FOREO's innovations

We had a huge task at hand this year. We were looking for a CEO. Why? Because FOREO’s founder Filip Sedic wants to focus on the thing he likes best and does best — developing new and exciting products as the CIO (Chief Innovation Officer). Did you know that Filip himself is the visionary behind the design of FOREO’s LUNA? True story! He got inspired by his wife’s facial cleansing brush which she wasn’t really fond of, so he took it upon himself to make a better alternative. And 8 years later, here we are, solving one problem evolved into a global innovation powerhouse! In the meantime, Filip designed and developed other award-winning devices like our UFO range, microcurrent cutie BEAR and ISSA sonic power toothbrushes. And we can’t wait to see what he comes up with next!

Meet our new CEO 

Constantly learning, growing and expanding, FOREO is always on the lookout for unique minds to help us along the way. And we’re happy to announce that we found “the one”. Meet Boris Trupčević, our new CEO.
For me, FOREO is love at first sight. And second sight. And, also a third sight. My first reaction was, and I admit - This is not my industry. But then I took a closer look. It struck me - we should get married. Immediately. Las Vegas style.’’ - says Trupčević.
Boris is a media expert with 25+ years of experience, a long-time CEO, a former General Manager of Styria Group Croatia and a Board member at International News Media Association. With his strong product development background and an even stronger love of design, innovation and technology, it’s safe to say that this is a match made in heaven. We got very lucky and managed to ask him a couple of questions about this new chapter, his plans for FOREO and his skincare routine:

1. Firstly, congratulations on your new position. And right off the bat, what’s the first thing you’ll do as the CEO of FOREO?

I’m going to make myself a cup of coffee and simply enjoy the moment. I saw we have these great professional coffee machines, so task one is to be a barista for myself. I always wanted to play with one of these Italian machines. On a serious note, first thing’s first - I want to reach out to everyone at FOREO. I want to hear from them about FOREO, learn about their ideas and concerns, sponge whatever insights they have. I want to motivate them to aim even higher, exceeding their invisible limits, unlocking whatever potential they might have been hiding in their inner worlds. My job will not be that of a rock-star taking the stage from our founder Filip Sedic or anyone else, for that matter, to play all the instruments. There’s no such musician. My job will rather be that of an orchestra conductor, making sure that we have the best musicians out there, helping everyone to play more passionately, and finally - that we all, as a highly synchronized orchestra, confidently play the most beautiful symphony ever. Why? Because of a simple golden rule of leadership - take care of the people, and people will then take care of the customers.

2. Why FOREO? What’s your favorite thing about your new company?

I have been truly inspired by the boldness, mission and ambition of FOREO, but also the global spirit and great diversity. What FOREO achieved so far is outstanding. It created a series of products that change the world of beauty and wellbeing, and managed to roll these out worldwide in such a short time. This is rare, and it is because we don’t just innovate products, we also innovate the organisation.There is a lot in impacting people's lives and thinking wider - how do you contribute to the broader context, how do you help improve humanity? By making an individual happier, one by one. FOREO's goal has simply been to make a noticeable difference in people’s everyday lives, with real innovation in often overlooked areas rather than simply chasing hype. Finally, what got me really excited, is our founder’s idea of an “investment arm” which will be there to help other startups grow, by providing them our infrastructure and know-how. But this is not to acquire other people’s inventions, nor to earn money. The whole idea is a very unique type of philanthropy - no return on investment would be required in money, but instead return of investment will be measured in terms of ecological or social impact. Global tech giants would typically invest to either eliminate competition or acquire other people’s inventions. We seek a completely different purpose to accelerate the power of ideas which can create overall social and ecological positive impact. I want to help build that.

3. Which segment of the beauty-tech industry do you find most intriguing?

Actually, for me it’s not about a product segment or industry category. It’s all about people, their intimate understanding of themselves and their wellbeing. It’s all about the changing habits and routines in “for me moments”, being mindful of who we are and what serves us best. People are massively abandoning the imposed ideas about what we should look like and how we should perceive wellbeing. More and more, we all try to figure out how to be the best versions of ourselves, by also acquiring a deeper understanding of both beauty and technology. In this process, authenticity and honesty will prevail over all other things. What this means in business terms is that people will value more those brands which innovate, reinvent old concepts, provide radical improvement to products that haven’t changed in decades, find completely new ways of how to take care of yourself. Intuitively, people will recognize who’s in it just for the money, and who’s genuinely interested in making our lives and the world better. Although it’s been years already, with our hero products LUNA, UFO and BEAR we’ve just started our journey.

4. Any big 2021. plans for FOREO? 

The big plan is to pump up our brand with purpose, meaning and values. We will be much more clear and quite loud about the things we stand for. We’ve got a lot to say! The philosophy behind our story is really big. No, we will not be aggressive about promotions and pushing our products, we will rather be driving the conversation about the future of beauty, aging and wellbeing. As with any big trend being only in the starting phase, people don’t even realize how profoundly it will change their lives. My entire media career I have been delivering stories to audiences, now I get to focus only on one great story, and tell it worldwide from all possible angles.

5. Your feelings on remote work? Is it the future (or the present)?

People are social animals. Now think about it - social animals. Without socializing, who are we, why do we live at all? With any big trend and with any big event, such as a pandemic, there are always buzzwords. Remote work is a reality right now, but it is also a crazy buzzword. For FOREO it had been a normal way of working even before, as it was for many progressive companies. But, for most it’s new and awkward, happening in a very radical way. I do not believe in remote work as a norm, because it erases the most important part of work — in-person human interactions. Don’t believe there is a one-size-fits-all for every company. For example, FOREO teams worldwide have different working scenarios, depending on the country where our offices are based. But, no matter if you’re working fully remotely or 50/50, or even 30/70 - our perception of the workspace has changed for good, that’s a fact. Nevertheless, the longer fully remote work is a preference for the majority of the companies, the more teams will be more than happy to come back to the office once ‘the air cleans’. It’s in human nature to have social interactions on a daily basis.

6. What’s your leadership style? Is there a movie or a TV boss you particularly like?

I’m the guy with many bold and crazy ideas, pushing forward and never giving in regardless of the obstacles. At the same time, I’m a typical coach from cheesy American movies about an underdog high school sports team becoming a champion. I’m sure everyone has seen one of those movies, they are all the same cliche, and they all have the same point - any person or any team can win, break free from psychological limitations, to rise up to the occasion and go beyond perceived capabilities.   My leadership will be leadership for continuous change, and leadership for growth. FOREO already is all about disruption, innovation, change and growth. I love this! But nevertheless, every company is strong as much as its people are. I clearly believe that those values that made FOREO a world player can be further amplified by investing effort into our people. There is a huge potential. In my experience, setting the right culture really does impact business results.

7. Do you enjoy the pressure of being the boss, or do you go home and flip the off-switch on work concerns completely?

Honestly, I love the pressure. It’s exciting to have challenges and get out of the comfort zone. It’s never easy, but makes me grow and gives me a feeling of being truly alive and fulfilled. I’m not a person with the on-off switch, I think about things all the time. But, when I’m with my family, kids especially, then I try not to be “at work” in my mind. It took me years and a few burnouts to get there, to create a work-life balance. On weekends I love taking long walks with kids in the forest, or cooking together, The only time I really switch off is vacations or holiday. But during the rest of the year, three moments are regularly my own self-nurturing rituals: the first coffee of the day which is my contemplation time, exercise, and my alone-time in the bathroom.

8. Do you have a skincare routine or a self-care ritual to distress?

I have quite a few. Daily it’s mostly about my beard and about fine oral care. I’m quite religious about keeping my skin clean and clear, so whatever I cannot solve myself will be done by my dermatologist at our regular “maintenance” appointments. I’m also religious about regular medical checkups, and I never miss it. But the thing I like most, whenever I have the opportunity, is the spa! Especially in wintertime, in places where you can jump naked in the snow directly from the sauna. Or at least where you can go from sauna to cold water. I really love spa, and I love it in extreme ways. 

9.What’s the last thing you’ve binged on Netflix?

The last thing I binged was “Ozark”, and I can’t wait for the new season. I never finished “Sense8”, but I totally loved it! “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad” were also very cool and I was craving for more "Money Heist (Casa de papel)" after watching it... I’m a fan of documentaries, so I’d recommend three: “Broken” series, “The Social Dilemma” and “David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet” - I think everyone should see those.

10. UFO or BEAR?

That’s the tricky one! Let’s skip it please… One is the cutest thing, and the other one will become a game-changer in beauty tech. 

11. Ketchup or mayo?

I love tomatoes, but I will pick mayo, no doubt about it. With chili. 

12. Media or beauty-tech?

Both. One can’t live without the other :) Thank you for your time and good luck in your new role!

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