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This Device Will Change The Way You Cleanse

Pink LUNA mini 3 on blue background
FOREO continues to push boundaries of technological innovation After our LUNAs brushed away our blemishes, and our UFOs spoiled us with the quickest smart mask treatments, there's something new coming out by FOREO to make our skincare routines easier and better. Keeping it a secret was hard, but we can finally share it with you guys; the ultimate fave LUNA mini 2 was upgraded with new exclusive features! Welcome, LUNA mini 3.  

The Apple of the beauty industry

Pioneering a new generation of at-home beauty devices that create affordable luxury treatments for The People, FOREO keeps pushing boundaries time after time, to bring the hottest technology and innovation to over 20 million fans worldwide. And the results are here: in less than 6 years, FOREO has become known as one of the world's fastest-growing skintech brands out there. FOREO's new beauty tech product -LUNA mini 3  

Today is a new era for LUNA and marks a special place in history for FOREO. This is the best LUNA we have ever invented and is the biggest technological update to the best selling beauty gadget of all time - the LUNA mini 2  - Filip Sedic, CEO & founder of FOREO.


New features for an outstanding experience

The LUNA mini 3 delivers innovation that is taking the celebrity loved, award-winning range of LUNA cleansing devices to the next level, transforming skincare as we know it.  It's been four years in the making for the app-controlled LUNA mini 3 and it boasts never before seen features, like the revolutionary ‘Glow Boost’ mode and the hotly anticipated lifestyle feature ‘Find My LUNA’. Both features take the already award-winning range of LUNA cleansing devices from cool to super cool.   Three lucky members of our team already got a chance to test LUNA mini 3 and its new features, so if you are interested in hearing more about their experiences, take a look at this detailed LUNA mini 3 review.

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