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5 Cool Things We Saw at the TFWA World Exhibition Conference 2018

TFWA Expo & Conference
Future travels here we come! The TFWA World Exhibition and Conference is definitely a highlight of the travel retail calendar. Attended by the who’s who of the sector’s key operators, suppliers and brands, the annual event draws more than 12,000 industry professionals to the iconic Palais des Festivals on Cannes’ famous seafront promenade. Our team was lucky enough to have attended TFWA this year and we couldn’t be more excited by what we saw.  

1. Be Relax - My 2 in 1 Sleep Cocoon

Sleep Cocoon by Be Relax is the newest way to rest and sleep while travelling. Inspired by the massage chair in Be Relax spas, My 2 in 1 Sleep Cocoon revolutionizes the way we relax on the road. You can use the Cocoon as a front pillow that supports your neck and spine perfectly and relieves your whole upper body tension. Or use it as a lumbar cushion to convert your narrow seat into an air couch while watching your film on board! Oh, and the best part is... it comes with a heat patch when using it as a lumbar cushion.

Be Relax Sleep Cocoon


Turning your mask obsession into a 90 second facial treat you can indulge in twice a day, the UFO is the latest beauty product to make use of the beauty tech trend, LED light therapy. It may not look like any mask you’ve tried before, but, by utilizing our mask treatments made for morning and night, you can finally achieve your K-Beauty goals without wasting hours of the day with ill-fitting, sticky sheets. UFO was a hit at the TFWA and you can get yours on FOREO.com – and find out more about what it’s like from one of our very own writer’s firsthand review of UFO. FOREO UFO mini

3. Tintamar Smart Luggage

Launching in February 2019, Tintamar has presented their newest line of Smart Alarm Bags designed for people who are always on the go. The bags are connected to a mobile app that will alert you in case of theft attempt. It also works the other way around, if you accidentally leave your phone behind, the bag will alert you. Tintamar Smart Luggage

4. Leaders Feet, Hand and Hear Masks

Leaders is the #1 seller of sheet masks in the world, founded by skilled dermatologists from Seoul National University in South Korea. Their sheet mask selection varies from lip masks to feet masks, but these were our favorites for on-the-go situations: a super practical hair mask that nourishes the hair, hand mask that instantly moisturizes and protects dry and rough hands and feet mask which can even be used on the plane (but... think of your fellow passengers and don't). Leaders Feet, Hand and Hear Masks


BIOEFFECT’s mission is to restore and maintain skin’s natural youthfulness and vitality by using healthy, pure ingredients and truly effective advancements in skincare via biotechnology. After ten years of research this Icelandic company discovered a way to bio-engineer a plant-based human replica of EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor) in barley plants. When we reach maturity production of growth factors (EGF is one of the most important ones) that our bodies manufacture diminishes. As a result, cell turnover and repair process slows down, eventually affecting appearance. BIOEFFECT’s EGF products replenish body’s own natural supply of EGF and rejuvenate skin cells, thus helping to slow the aging process. BIOEFFECT  

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