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Fall Colors for Every Skin Tone

Because we can’t all pull off pumpkin spice. With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to swap out those summer whites for a more subtle autumn color palette. But before you jump into those cozy, fall-hued sweaters, it might be worth evaluating which colors look best on your skin tone. If you’ve ever taken a seasonal color analysis, you know we aren’t all autumns. But, take heart! There are plenty of fall-appropriate colors out there for each and every skin tone.  

Cool Skin Tone

Pink, red or bluish undertone

You tend to look best in bright, striking jewel tones. So, while you should steer clear of an orange and yellow autumn color palette, you can still get in the fall spirit with a true red or a deep purple. And after fall has come and gone, a winter white as pure as the driven snow should be your go-to.  

Warm Skin Tone

Yellow, gold or olive undertone

You are a pumpkin-spiced queen who was made to rock a traditional autumn color palette. Go for earthy hues that remind you of all things fall (think autumn leaves and pumpkin patches). Red, orange, and yellow are all within your wheelhouse, as long as you stick to the warmer end of the spectrum - golden yellow, brick red, or anything brown. And if you must wear white after labor day, make it a creamy, off-white.  

Neutral Skin Tone

A mix of warm and cool undertones

If you’re not sure whether your skin tone is warm or cool, you’re probably a neutral - which means you can pull off any color on the wheel, as long as it’s somewhat muted. Anything too bright or vibrant is likely to overwhelm you, so avoid the traditional reds and yellows of autumn and opt for colors like cornsilk yellow, jade green, taupes and greys.   Now is a great time to rid your closet of items that aren’t within your color palette and start fresh. Embrace the new season!

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