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5 Accessories that Turn Any Outfit Into a New Year’s Eve Look

Ring in the new year with style.   If you’re searching for the perfect outfit to see you through the end of 2017, but don’t want to splurge on a brand new dress, accessories are the best way to make anything look special. Grab your favorite little black dress and give your accessories the spotlight during this year’s festivities. Read our roundup below for some accessory-inspo to get your new year's look ready to rock and roll.  

1. Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Accentuate your best facial features by adding a bit of sparkle around your face contour. A pair of gold or silver hoops or pearl earrings can give your look a bit of character. Alternatively, wear a simple pair of diamond studs on your ears and instead draw attention to your neckline by layering multiple chunky chains and pearl necklaces together. Want to keep it simple? Pair a solid colored dress with an oversized cocktail ring. A statement ring will add a touch of class to your look and is always a great conversation-starter.  

2. Add a Little Pep to Your Step

Elevate any new years look with a pop of color on your feet. Pair your favorite black dress with a red suede booties or pumps for a touch of elegance. For a more casual night out, sport a pair of matte black jeans and an oversized sweater with a pair of black heels or suede boots for a comfy yet cute outfit that will keep you warm until the ball drops.  

3. Get it Right, Wear Some Tights

New Years Eve in many parts of the world is synonymous with a cold winter’s evening. Want to wear a dress, but still stay warm? Add a pair of patterned tights or fishnets to any black dress to add some dimension to your look.  

4. Great Hair, Don’t Care

Make your hair the centerpiece of your new years ensemble this time around. Pull your hair into a slick ponytail and wrap a metallic band around it, or opt for a messy romantic bun held together with a rose gold hair clip - either way all eyes will be on your chic locks and not your ensemble. Want to let your hair down? Pair a simple black dress with a red or black thick velvet headband for a 90’s hairstyle that will make you feel like you’re actually going to keep all your new year's resolutions for 2018.  

5. Lipstick is a Girl’s Best Friend

Make your face a new year’s masterpiece to celebrate the end of 2017. Choose a simple color palette on your body such as shades of nude, white, grey or black and draw all the attention to your face. What better night of the year to experiment with bold eye shadows and lipstick shades than new years, right? For a sultry look, try a dark smokey eye look and pair it with light pink lipstick shade or sheer gloss.   Not matter what you’re wearing, if you follow these tips, you’ll be ending 2017 on a high note.

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