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Would You Let Chat GPT Dress You for Work? A Weeklong Experiment

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In our constant quest for simplifying decision-making processes and embracing innovation, here at MYSA, we stumbled upon an idea - letting Chat GPT, an AI-powered chatbot, decide our work outfits for a week, hopefully striking a balance between a relaxed and formal look. The experiment's goal was to explore how artificial intelligence could influence everyday choices, particularly when it comes to fashion, which for us in MYSA is quite a big deal. I, Franka, enthusiastically couldn't wait to start this weeklong journey, to see all ideas and fresh perspectives on my work outfits. Let’s begin with my journey and insights from this experiment.  

Day 1: Setting the Tone

On the first day of the experiment, I asked Chat GPT to craft an outfit that was relaxed yet with a hint of formality. The suggestions were clear and simple, providing a great starting point for my outfit. It was a bit on the safe side, starting with the light white blouse, light denim pants, and brown ankle boots. The tip was to incorporate gold jewelry. For the first time, in a long time, I started my day with ease since I already knew what to wear.  

Day 2: A Dash of Creativity

As the experiment progressed, I realized that Chat GPT's suggestions were bringing a level of creativity into my wardrobe choices. The outfit was simple: a long black dress, a denim jacket, and a pair of white sneakers. The AI recommended combining pieces that I hadn't considered before or brought out pieces I haven't worn for a long time: the long black dress, for example, had been hanging there (literally) for over two years, and it was that piece that you had for so long that you don't even notice it anymore. This made me reuse my existing wardrobe and make me see my clothes in a new way. It was exciting to break away from my usual routine while getting back to forgotten gems.  It felt like I was shopping in my own closet.


Day 3: Simplifying Mornings

Day three was reserved for classic wide-leg trousers, a high-quality, fitted short-sleeve t-shirt in a complementary color to the trousers with a tailored blazer in a coordinating or contrasting color to elevate the look. Footwear was reserved for stylish loafers, ballet flats, or low-block heels. This time Chat kept the details in the hairstyle, with a low loose ponytail.  As mentioned, one of the most noticeable advantages of this experiment was the time saved during my morning routine. With Chat GPT suggesting outfits, on day three I realized I spent considerably less time deciding what to wear. This simplicity allowed me to focus more on other essential aspects of my morning routine while setting a positive tone for the day ahead.  

Day 4: The Devil's in the Details

The Chat GPT’s attention to detail in suggesting accessories all the way to the hairstyle impressed me the most. From recommending the right type of jewelry to suggesting complementary shoes and bags, Chat GPT added a refined touch to my outfits. The attention to detail emphasized how technology could enhance the overall look and feel.  

Day 6: Navigating Through Outdated Recommendations

Even though I completed the whole work week, I decided to ask Chat GPT to give me an idea for Saturday brunch. But here, I encountered a minor challenge - some suggestions felt a bit outdated. The suggestion was a flowy sundress, strappy sandals, sunglasses, a bracelet, a sun hat, and a crossbody bag. Fashion is ever-evolving, and what may have been trendy a few years ago might not hold the same appeal today. That Saturday I realized that work attire is something more classic and not so affected by the constant change in what is trendy at the moment, but when going for a more casual or a specific look it is surely needed to balance AI recommendations with personal style and current fashion trends.  

Would I Let Chat GPT Dress Me for Work Permanently?

The answer is not completely... Chat GPT undeniably offers valuable insights and a creative overall idea on the days you don't know what to wear. It simplifies decision-making and brings out the forgotten pieces. However, it's essential to remember that fashion is a personal expression, a unique style, and a way of presenting ourselves and our character to the world. For me, balancing Chat GPT’s recommendations with my personal style was the key to feeling good while following the suggestions.    In conclusion, this experiment showcased the potential of AI in influencing our wardrobe choices and streamlining our routines. It's an exciting glimpse into the future where technology seamlessly integrates with our lives, enhancing our everyday experiences.  

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