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Blast from the Past: 90s Minimalist Fashion is Back

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As we rolled into the late 90s, fashion took a turn from the flashy colors and sporty gear of the 80s toward the minimalism of sleek slip dresses and denim. From the runway to street style, this era was marked by mini skirts, blazers, clean lines, and simple elegance (to visualize the style, just check some of Jennifer Aniston's or Gwyneth Paltrow's nineties looks). In the fashion world, trends often come full circle, and fast-forwarding to today, we notice a comeback of the 90s minimalist aesthetic. Here at MYSA, we are excited to get back to this nostalgic style that effortlessly incorporates the iconic 90s minimalist pieces into the wardrobe you already own. So, let's discover the main pieces we should have to keep up with this trend.   

1. Slip Dresses

The most understated clothing piece ever - the slip dress is having a definitive comeback. Honestly, slip dresses never really left the fashion scene - they were always there, only somewhere at the end of the store. However, this year, they are once again an IT item showcased at the front of the store and in the shop windows. Their fluid and elegant fabrics can be effortlessly layered with structured blazers, creating an effortless yet sophisticated look. You could opt for neutral tones like ivory, champagne, or soft pastels for a more fashionable minimalist look. Finish it off with sleek strappy heels or chunky boots, this year's twist on the 90s outfit.  


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2. Oversized Blazers 

Blazers were the real deal in the 90s, and they worked as a must-have layering piece for every agenda. From professional looks to laid-back outfits, there was no outfit that blazers wouldn't fix. Worn with a pair of high-waisted jeans for a business meeting over coffee, layered with a mini dress for a night out, or simply on shorts and sandals for an evening aperitivo, an oversized blazer will deliver the 90s style. Pro-tip: vintage ones are still the best. So next time you pass by your local vintage store (or rummage your parents' closet), this is the first item you should look for.  

3. Tailored Blazers

On the contrary to oversized, tailored blazers were also a timeless staple of 90s minimalism. They scream sophistication, and if they could speak, they would probably have a polished British accent. Jokes aside, whatever language or accent you speak, a tailored blazer will add a little bit of sleek to an outfit - it will pair perfectly with high-waisted trousers or denim jeans. Experiment with monochromatic styling or mix and match contrasting colors to pop out.  

4. High-Waisted Denim

As already mentioned, high-waisted denim was a huge 90s trend. No minimalist 90s wardrobe was complete without a pair of high-waisted denim jeans to complete the look; they had to be paired with a matching denim jacket. In 2024, we don't have to go that far - wearing only high-waisted jeans is perfectly enough. When choosing the model, think of what suits your shape and style best: a cool straight-leg or a wide-leg, classic light denim or indigo shade (black and white denim not excluded!). They are an easy-to-style piece that you can pair with tucked-in silk blouses or oversized knit sweaters for a complete time capsule look.  

5. Relaxed Trousers

The 90s fully embraced oversized clothes and loose fits, bringing comfort and ease to fashion. In line with this trend, relaxed trousers offered a laid-back alternative to previously popular tailored styles. Styling these trousers with a simple tucked-in t-shirt and sneakers effortlessly creates a casual yet trendy outfit, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear. Combining loose-fit pants with a fitted top on the other side creates a balanced look that will give you a confidence boost. The outfit options don't stop there; changing from daytime casual to a more polished look for work is super easy with these trousers. Change the sneakers with a pair of loafers, add some chunky jewelry, and you're ready for a day at the office. Whether running errands or attending meetings, relaxed trousers offer a perfect blend of fashion and functionality, making them a must-have in any wardrobe since the 90s.  

6. Classic White Shirts

As previously mentioned, a timeless staple in minimalist fashion and everyone's favorite is the classic white tee. When selecting the perfect white t-shirt, pay attention to the fabric. For a sharp and crisp look, nothing beats a 100% cotton t-shirt. If you're aiming for a more sophisticated and polished outfit, opt for a silk shirt, which will give you a luxurious look while falling effortlessly against the body. Pair the silk shirts with tailored trousers or layer them under the slip dresses. Don't hesitate to explore different colors, sleeve lengths, and collar styles for a hint of creativity and personal style in this classic wardrobe staple.  

7. 90s Footwear

Footwear left a significant mark on the fashion landscape of the 90s, leaving a lasting legacy. From cowboy boots to the sleek sophistication of square-toe sandals, the era was characterized by diverse shoe designs. Mules, strappy sandals, boots, and everything in neutral tones, such as beige, camel, or chocolate brown, emerged as promising choices for a good 90s outfit. As in most fashion pieces, clean lines, understated elegance, and minimal embellishments marked the shoes of this fashion era. The easiest part? Whether paired with denim jeans for a casual daytime look or layered with a slip dress for an evening get-together, these shoes are the perfect finishing piece, adding a touch of retro charm to any outfit.  

8. Structured Handbags

Structured bags were and still are staple pieces to this day. Their boxy silhouettes, clean lines, and luxury fabrics and materials like leather, suede, or logo print fabrics describe a sound and timeless bag. They became a huge trend in the 90s and stayed a golden rule when it came to bags. So, let's call it a 90s bag standard rather than a comeback. You can always go with vibrant colors to add a bit of spark to the outfit, but we suggest natural tones - to match the shoes and have a quality bag that will last you years and will always be easy to style.   


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9. Monochromatic Outfits

One fashion tip we have is: when in doubt, choose monochromatic; it's the ultimate fashion hack. Monochrome dressing is a timeless trend that truly came into its own shine during the '90s, especially with its relaxed, oversized silhouettes. But what is it? It is a single color palette; whether it's crisp whites, sleek blacks, soothing beiges, or gentle pastels, every clothing piece should be in the same color, just slightly different hues. The key to assembling monochromatic outfits is mixing and matching different textures and fabrics within the same color to add depth while keeping the overall look together and polished. 


During warmer months, choose lighter shades like beige or white to capture that effortless minimalist look, and to add a pop of contrast, throw on a pair of sleek black loafers or sandals, depending on the occasion. It's all about striking the perfect balance between colors, comfort, and your personal style. 


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To conclude, diving back into 90s minimalist fashion in 2024 offers a modern take on classical wardrobe pieces. From slip dresses to oversized blazers, tailored trousers to classic white shirts, these timeless pieces are like the cool kids of the past crashing our fashion party today. Whether you decide on an entirely monochromatic outfit or add a structured handbag to your wardrobe, it is clear that what's old is new again - with a fresh spin and a touch of your style. 90s fashion is a trend proving once and for all that good style never truly goes out of fashion.

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