Because life is too short to worry about polka dots with floral.


Growing up we hear numerous falsehoods about fashion that always leave a sharp impression in the back of our minds. While there’s no actual fashion police task force out there enforcing these so-called “ rules”, we tend to follow them blindly. However, in 2018, many of these ‘fashion don’ts’ are not only becoming outdated, they are completely on-trend. Scroll to find out if you’re holding onto these fashion rules and then ditch them once and for all.   


 1. Never mix prints

Mixed prints are taking over the runways in 2018, now more than ever is the time to hop on that bandwagon and experiment with your favorite prints.


2. No white after labor day

Possibly the most notorious ‘fashion rule’ of the bunch that should absolutely be ignored. Pair a white sweater with white denim in the middle of winter and you’ll never feel more chic, trust us.


3. Don’t mix metals

Mixing silver, gold and even rose-gold can make for the ultimate accessory pairing, especially with a minimalist outfit.


4. You shouldn’t wear socks with sandals

Walk into any fraternity house this year and you’ll see that this rule has clearly gone out the window. Pairing even a sheer sock with a thick sandal never felt so wrong yet so right.


5. Women should only wear women’s clothes

In 2018, this rule feels especially outdated. Over-sized tees and men’s button-downs make the perfect dress for a night out or even a stylish option when paired with jeans and heels.