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9 Fashion Trends That Will Dominate 2024

Five models in colorful clothes walking down the catwalk

Stepping into a new year marks a fresh start, a clean slate, and a time when we might try to shake up our routines and habits—maybe even attempt to become a morning person or quit coffee; who knows? In the same way, as we have our personal resolutions, the fashion world also undergoes a transformation at the beginning of each year, with the designers looking to create statement pieces and set innovative trends.  


In an era where it feels like everything has been done before, coming up with something entirely new is quite a challenge. Yet, the fashion world manages to surprise us (as flamboyantly portrayed through Emily in Paris's Pierre Cadault's show) with a mix of the new, the revived, and the timeless classics. In recent years, the comeback and twists on old fashion trends (remember quiet luxury inspired by Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy that took 2023 by storm?) alternated with entirely new pieces and styles - and we were all in for it.   Here are the trends that we will see a lot of in 2024:   

Slimmer Pants

A trip down memory lane is taking us to the comeback of slim fit in 2024. Before you start panicking, we are not talking about the 2007 hard-to-breath slim pants but simply slimmer pants than the wider jeans look we had in 2023. Moving from wider, loose-fit jeans that dominated last year's fashion, this year a trend will shift towards a more tailored fit and pants that follow the natural curves of the body, allowing us to show our feminine side a bit more and even fit our jeans inside of the boots (hooray for that!).  

Prints Everywhere!

2024 is shaping up to be the year of patterns, and fashion enthusiasts are already embracing this trend. From snakeskin and the evergreen leopard print to perennial florals and small geometric prints, patterns are having their moment this year. Print influence goes beyond coats and dresses - expect to see prints on sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, you name it. This trend is more than just vibrant clothes; it is a bold statement and courage to express fashion as a part of a character and personal style.


@hannyelizapenn Animal print inspo 🐆 🐍 #fashion2024 #animalprint #styletrends ♬ original sound - Hannah


The Passionate Red 

Following Margot Robbie's role in the revamped Barbie movie last summer, there's been a noticeable shift in the fashion scene. Let's just say that everything turned pink. However, as we enter 2024, the color palette is changing, with once-dominant pink stepping aside from the bolder and more dominant red, making its mark in our everyday style choices. From lipstick to tights (not to mention red summer dresses), we're looking forward to seeing more of this powerful shade as it becomes the go-to choice for those looking to make a statement in fashion choices this year. We're loving Taylor Swift's Game Day appearances - a sneak peek into what lies ahead regarding color accents!  

Return of the Tights

The 2000s are back, so it's time to dust off your boldest and most eye-catching pair of tights. From laces and rhinestones to ribbons and a whole pallet of colored tights, these iconic accessories are making a comeback. Prepare yourself for textures, colors, and embellishments as you walk down the streets of fashion memory lane. 


We know it may be weird to style them initially, but we promise it will soon be as if they never went out of style. And let's be honest, aside from nostalgia, they bring playfulness and are a bold fashion statement that we hope will stay. Building on the red and tights theme, colored tights are indeed stealing this year's spotlight. 


The playful and versatile nature of colored tights has turned on creativity for many well-known designers. The Spring/Summer fashion shows predominantly featured red tights, giving each outfit a vibrant energy and making them a standout element of the 2024 fashion season.   




'90s Minimalism

This year's Spring/Summer fashion shows saw a resurgence of the clean '90s style: we're talking about oversized blazers, little black or white dresses, total grey looks, simple white tank tops, tailored shirts, and high-waisted pants, the kinds of looks Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder and Jennifer Aniston rocked back in the days. Fashion designers such as Valentino, Loewe, Victoria Beckham, and Acne Studios all embraced the minimal style of the '90s: clean lines and casual cuts as symbols of casual elegance. This brings our to the next trend, its upside-down version.   


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Mob Wife Aesthetic

If you're on TikTok, we're pretty sure that you couldn't have missed the 28-year-old Canadian blockchain product developer named Kayla Trivieri video declaring: "Clean girl is out; mob wife era is in, okay?" in the last few weeks. It has since been viewed over a million times, spawning a million other videos. But what is the "mob wife aesthetic"? The essence of the "mob wife" is big fur coats, flashy jewelry, vintage glasses, red nails, and a bold red lip. The "mob wife" aesthetic, of course, existed long before TikTok made it famous and gave a name to it (remember Edie Falco's outfits in the Sopranos?) - but this time, it's all about contrasting the clean, neat, beige looks that swamped the social media space in the last few years.   



@ktrivz manifesting a 24 carat diamond tennis necklace to match my mob wife energy #greenscreen ♬ original sound - kayla trivieri



Peplum, a blast from the past with its roots in the 1940s, made its first comeback in the '80s, the second in 2014 (big fashion houses like Dior and Lanvin featured peplum dresses in their 2014 collections), and guess what? It's back as one of the main pieces of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion shows once again. It looks like peplum isn't ready to retire just yet, or will it ever be? Need more convincing? Just set your eyes on Allison Williams' Golden Globes outfit: is that a peplum we spot, effortlessly proving that this style is back again?    


@entertainmentclip_la #AllisonWilliams At The 81st Annual #goldenglobeawards2024 ♬ greedy sped up - Tate McRae



Following in the footsteps of last year's ballet core, bows and everything made out of ribbon are also one of the main fashion trends this year. Whether you choose to tie them around your tights, put them in your hair, or use them as accessories, they are THE elements for adding playfulness to your everyday look (look into Simone Rocha's dreamy creations for inspiration). From giving a feminine touch to your hairstyles to subtly elevating outfits, bows, and ribbons are a simple and effective way to express your style with a hint of sophistication (but also fun!).  

Exposed Bras

Remember the exposed bras trend made iconic by "Sex and the City"? Well, it is also coming back with a sparking a mix of reactions. Some might find it unsettling, much like those Reddit users disturbed by Carrie's intentionally visible bras or the ones who say, "Women shouldn't be ashamed to show off (very expensive!) garments". Regardless of one's opinion on this matter, there's no denying that this trend is firmly in the spotlight, with celebrities such as Natalie Portman, Emma Watson, and Scarlet Johannson recently wearing them on red carpets and live television shows.   


While the influx and the constant coming and going of trends might seem overwhelming at times - don't forget that they're here to inspire us and that what matters is for ourselves to feel good in what we wear, elegant - if we feel like it, bold- if we feel like it, and heck, cozy - if we feel like it. Fashion should be fun, a form of self-expression, and a way to make our every day brighter (or darker) - still, our choice.  


Which one of these will you be wearing this spring/summer? Or, more importantly, which ones haven't we listed? Let us know in the comments below.  

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