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2019 Fashion Trends You Should Shop for Right Now

Start the year on the right (well-styled) foot. The new year is a time for new beginnings - and new clothes. Whether you’ve got a few gift cards burning a hole in your pocket, or your wardrobe just needs a bit of sprucing up before spring, we’re here with all the upcoming fashion trends for 2019 to help you achieve your glow-up goals.

Bicycle Shorts

2019 fashion predictions say our beloved athleisure will rise to new heights, and we’re here for it. Although they made a splash on social media several seasons ago, the bicycle short à la Kardashian is finally making its triumphant debut in the high-fashion world. So pair your Chanel lycra lady-killers with an oversized sweatshirt, slouchy blazer, or your favorite baggy tee and channel the late great Lady Di. Kim Kardashian and Princess Diana wearing bike shorts

Crochet Everything

Your grandmother’s macramé - but make it fashion. Bags, heels, dresses, belts - you name it, they can crochet it. But you don’t have to take our word for it, just ask Mandy Moore; she was recently spotted on the red carpet wearing this little number.

Western Boots

It looks like western is back, y’all - so why not strap on some rodeo-inspired ankle boots. A pair like this offers the perfect balance to an ultra-feminine spring dress. And speaking of dresses, western fashion trends are also popping up in the form of the ever-present flowy prairie dresses and fringe-lined accessories. Try it all! Just maybe not all at the same time, cowgirl. Girl in white crochet Shirt and Western boots

Color of the Year

The Pantone Color Institute has announced that the hue of all hues for 2019 is ‘Living Coral’, a vibrant pink-orange hybrid that The Little Mermaid herself would be proud of. Why coral, you ask? Pantone pointed to Apple’s new coral-toned iPhone XR and a myriad of other signals, including recent fashion shows, of the color’s dominance. If this is the color of what’s to come, it looks like we have a very bright year ahead of us. Fashion accesories in Living Coral colors

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