Better latte than never, right?


Since I was 15 years old, every day without fail, I wake up and head straight to the coffee maker for a warm cup of joe. The second I sip on a freshly brewed coffee, I immediately feel at ease and can officially start my day. At this point, it’s actually difficult for me to understand how people function in the morning without coffee – and I didn’t bat an eye calculating how much coffee I’ve had in my lifetime, considering my 1-2 cups daily dose of this beverage for the past 10 years. If that doesn’t qualify me as a coffee addict, I don’t know what does!

But I’ve finally been forced to confront my coffee addiction head on after joining a gym that recommends a two-week coffee detox in order to aid in weight loss and achieve an overall healthy lifestyle. I am a complete advocate of drinking coffee, it certainly has proven health benefits, but it also has some downsides too. Coffee excites your adrenal glands, the glands that regulate stress, which are already overused and overstimulated from the pressures of everyday life. Coffee also contains a variety of bitter compounds, such as chlorogenic acids, aliphatic acids and tannins, making it super acidic – which isn’t amazing for your body’s natural pH state.

With all this evidence in mind, and my burning curiosity to see what life without coffee was like, it finally happened. I gave up coffee for 14 whole days. And you, lucky reader, get a full breakdown of the insights that I gathered during this oh-so fun journey to coffee freedom! So buckle up, read below and enjoy the ride…you may even want to try it out for yourself.



Day 1: It’s Monday morning, the day I need coffee the most and I am sleepy to say the very least. Armed with a slew of green tea, I get to work and hope the effects of tea will be similar to coffee. (Boy, was I wrong.)  


Day 2: Still very sleepy, still trying to make green tea happen. I voluntarily go to bed at 9 PM, ‘Is this my new non-coffee bedtime?’, I wonder. Hate to admit it, but I slept better than I have in months.


Day 3: Slowly getting used to drinking green tea but also secretly wondering if my incessant yawning is annoying my coworkers. Am I too tired to function today? Yes, the answer is yes.


Day 4: Someone told me you start to feel less tired by Day 4, but they were wrong. I miss coffee so much. I have little motivation to get anything done and the smallest things are irritating me. Deeply regretting my decision to give up coffee, but hoping it will get better soon!


Day 5: I am finally starting to feel more awake in the morning, but I still miss my morning brew. I must have been a full-blown coffee addict. I’ve also noticed I am extremely hungry all the time, which doesn’t help with the irritability that I am also feeling. On a more positive note, I started whitening my teeth with whitening strips and they are working wonderfully!


Day 6: Doing anything I can to find a coffee substitute. Tried a Green Tea Latte at Starbucks and it tasted like plastic, although I did get an intense burst of energy from it.  In an effort to find something else to sip on, I spent two hours of my afternoon trying to buy matcha tea online, unsuccessfully. I will try any coffee substitute I can get my hands on at this point.  


Day 7:  Waking up today is a breeze, I feel alert and awake and ready to conquer the day without the help of coffee. Who knew?! Today, I can feel my body cleansing itself, and it feels great. I order a matcha latte at brunch and it was so delicious that I almost forgot coffee existed for a brief moment.


Day 8: As I got more sleep than usual over the weekend, I didn’t think about coffee too much this morning.  Now that it’s Monday, I am counting down the days until I can drink coffee again. I’ve realized I genuinely enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee more than the energy it gives me.


Day 9:  Getting used to my morning green tea. It’s refreshing and warm and I don’t hate it. Also, since my body has been in detox mode, my skin looks refreshed and brighter than ever. Who knew giving up coffee could have so many perks?


Day 10: What’s coffee? Not only do I not think about it, I don’t miss it as much. That’s not to say I’m not going to chug it when this is over – but it isn’t affecting my everyday life anymore.


Day 11:  Still on the green tea morning grind. Also, highly recommend whitening your teeth when you are coincidentally giving up coffee, the results are wonderful! (My ISSA 2 toothbrush has also played a role in my teeth whitening as well – thanks FOREO! )


Day 12: I seriously have more energy than I ever had before. My energy even lasts into the afternoon and I find myself not needing any caffeine stimulation at all.


Day 13: My body can definitely feel the difference since swapping coffee for green tea. I feel lighter and have a pep in my step.


Day 14: Counting down the hours until I can drink coffee again! I am so proud of myself for completing this two week detox. My skin, teeth and body feels amazing and cleansed!


Now that these two weeks are over, I find myself needing my daily coffee less and less. Also, no more headaches in the morning if I don’t have coffee right away. For all you coffee lovers out there, I know this sounds like a literal nightmare, but if I can do it, anyone can!