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Review Roundup: FOREO IRIS Eye Massager

Curious about IRIS™ illuminating eye massager?  Just take a peek at some rave reviews from around the world, and see why it's exactly the eyecare device you've been looking for! An award-winning solution to the question of how to get rid of bags under eyes while also reducing the development of crow’s feet, IRIS™ uses alternating T-Sonic™ Technology to automate the ‘tapping’ method that has taken the beauty world by storm. Similarly, IRIS™  has now created quite the buzz as the must-have eye care device that helps with the absorption of your favorite anti-aging serums while giving a thorough, relaxing massage―just check out these rave reviews of IRIS™ !

“Almost immediately, my under-eye area felt refreshed and smooth.”

IRIS™   is super easy to use—just hold the hook-shaped end under the contour of your eye, or above the brow, depending on where you feel your problem areas are. Since I don’t feel that I have intense wrinkles, I can’t quite judge the product on how well that works, but for now, I’m glad I’ve found a natural way to decrease the puffiness I’ve always hated—and plan to stick with it.

Find out why Kristen Bateman never misses her eye massage routine with the FOREO IRIS™ .

“In typical FOREO style, the design of this device is quirky and it stands out […] and this is what I love about the brand.”

I have used the tapping motion ever since I had my first facial over 2 years ago. The difference with using IRIS™ is that it makes a simple job even simpler to do and I also find it incredibly relaxing. Naturally I love the Iris and find it really useful and enjoy using it.

Learn how Beauty Queen UK treats eye wrinkles and fine lines under eyes in her full FOREO IRIS™ review.

“Think of this tool as a booster for your skincare routine, or in the same way you think of your face cleansing brush, your eye lash curler, or your Kabuki brush.”

[…]trust me, it’s HARD to replicate the fast tapping AND keep doing it for three minutes! I’ve tried! This is the KEY reason why I think that the FOREO IRIS™ is a worth-while beauty gadget. Because the most beneficial thing we can do for our eyes to reduce undereye bags and circles is manual stimulation and most of us don’t have time or the patience to do this every time we apply our eye creams! As you can see by my before and after photo, my under eye bags are GREATLY reduced and the puffiness on the upper eye lid is also reduced. It’s hard to notice but I have a few fine lines and crow’s feet appearing and the Iris also helped reduce the appearance of these Log on to ThePerfumeExpert for a detailed review of the IRIS eye massager with some great tips on how to get the most out of it.

“This baby, which I call my eyebrator, is an eye massager that mimics the tapping motion of Korean facials to encourage drainage.”

Even celebs are going crazy over IRIS™ ! In her recent Vogue editorial, actress Gemma Chan jumps on the IRIS™ train and admits that she can't get enough of this miraculous device.

“Every now and then a new gadget comes along that makes my heart skip a beat – yep, I’m that obsessed with beauty hardware!”

I love it! The IRIS™ delivers a proper massage, and that is what sets it apart from other devices. You can see and feel your skin being gently manipulated as you use it, without any pinching or creasing (unlike some devices and manual methods). Check out what the eye massage with the FOREO IRIS™ can do for your eyes in this in-depth review at FaceUpBeauty.

“I always look forward to using IRIS™ as it’s like my little pamper treat to myself.”

I am really pleased with the IRIS™ Eye Massager and I have used it for such a long time that it no longer feels enough to just use my finger tips for applying my eye creams. I find that even the least expensive eye creams and serums work so effectively because they are better absorbed with the FOREO IRIS™ Eye Massager.

                Learn about Liv's personal experiences with the IRIS™ eye massager―there are some really pretty close-up shots of the device there, too!




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Jay 19/04/2018

Can u use this product with out an eye cream ?

MYSA user avatar
lane 19/04/2018

In reply to by Jay


Hi Jay! While IRIS helps with the absorption of your favorite eye serums, you can use it simply as a massage device if you want!

MYSA user avatar
Benedicte 22/04/2021

Hi, can this do anything for my hooded eyelids?

MYSA user avatar
carly 23/04/2021

In reply to by Benedicte


Hi Benedicte! Please note that IRIS™ was created to help reduce the fine lines around your eyes that come with aging, as well as to diminish dark circles and puffiness. Remember that the device should only be applied to the under-eye area and the brow bone and never to the eyelid or eyeball. Hope this helps!


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