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Quick Quiz: How Often You Should Practice Facial Exercises?

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Aging is beautiful, but if you can slow down the process a little bit, why not? Or, more important - if you can age gracefully while having beautiful and healthy skin and a flawless complexion, you should do it. Well, that's why you should try facial exercises

Facial exercises are natural facelift

Facial exercises or facial yoga stimulate your face muscles. If you exercise regularly and properly, soon you'll notice how your cheeks are toned, your skin tighten, and your face slimmer. Still, you don't have to be the biggest fan of exercising to have some serious results because microcurrent facials will do all the job. Often referred to as a "natural" facelift, microcurrent is a safe and painless way to firm skin and define facial features. Microcurrent emits a low-voltage of electrical currents. Those currents mirror your own body’s electrical currents on a cellular level to help refine and contour the skin.

BEAR can be your personal facial trainer

Like a facial workout, BEAR uses two microcurrent spheres that channel energy directly into the skin. The medium-sized surface area of the spheres means they can treat larger areas while also targeting each fine line with precision care, at the same time. When using microcurrent, skin cells break down and then grow back stronger. It's the same way your muscles do after lifting weights. While signs of aging are erased in the epidermis (top layer of skin), the dermis (the deepest layer of skin) works simultaneously to produce a firm, lifted appearance.

Get your BEAR now

But, microcurrent is not the only "wow" BEAR's feature. Namely, T-sonic technology is BEAR's (just like any other's FOREO device) trademark. These T-Sonic pulsations gently massage the face to boost the skin’s radiance, while increasing the absorption of creams, serums, and essences - thus enhancing their efficacy.

Take a quiz!

If you still don't know how (often) should you practice facial exercises, we prepared a quick quiz for you! Take it and find out!



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Megan 18/04/2023

<p><span>I use the Bear almost every day and the result is clearly visible. I'm very satisfied</span></p><p><br></p>


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