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How FOREO Changed the Beauty Industry? 

FOREO skincare devices and topicals in front of a colorful background

When successfully built, dreams become stories. This is one of them - the story of FOREO - from the very beginning to future plans, and through all adventures in between. Talking about ideas is great but doing is better. Everything we do matters and small intelligent changes in daily routines accumulate into large transformations. Why should masking take 20 minutes, why would exercise be only for the body if your face has muscles too, why wouldn't a minute of cleansing be enough? The creative destruction of “the norm” is a way to find true innovation, refusing to play by the stale old rules we didn’t agree to. Industries are changed and created by those daring to be different so FOREO set out on a mission to find better ways of taking care of oneself.

A brand built on innovation

FOREO is a beauty brand built on innovation. First and foremost. We don’t settle for problem-solving - we do visionary problem-solving. And that involves risks. Successful - and unsuccessful - experiments. A leap of faith. Only by taking risks can one create unprecedented and unique solutions. Only by believing and moving forward can one turn dreams into reality, transforming the everyday lives of so many people. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XP_zB6T5S58 Namely, a decade ago, the visionary behind FOREO’s innovative technology and groundbreaking products, founder Filip Sedic, was inspired by one man’s bravery, boldness and authenticity and – one Queen song later “Heaven For Everyone”, FOREO was born.

A rebel brand that is constantly changing a beauty industry

FOREO is a rebel with an electric heart dancing to its own rhyme and pioneering the new age of beauty. Although the origins of the beauty-tech category go all the way back in 1998 and “virtual makeover software”, it was the innovation-driven, independent challengers such as FOREO that actually kicked off the rapid rise of beauty-tech, a category that was up until that point pretty stale and static. With the world still pulsating from the waves LUNA 4 made all over the globe, the UFO 2, a game-changing device brought future to the beauty industry. The full spectrum of expensive spa treatments available only at salons and clinics were now packed in a cute but powerful puck giving you a supercharged facial in only 2 minutes, thus saving you time and money. The future is now and FOREO is spearheading the development of new technologies as the brand just recently launched a microcurrent toning device BEAR and announced their scientific team at the FOREO Institute is already working on the next big thing, making sure “the thing” is again very unique in its functionality, great quality, durability and benefits it provides

We are here to - inspire

With our visionary, non-invasive, beauty-tech solutions, we enable people worldwide to be more beautiful and, in turn, more confident. We turn hope into results. By making self-care simple, easy, and enjoyable, we make millions of people happier and aim to do the same for millions more, making the world a better place. We inspire. [caption id="attachment_9506" align="aligncenter" width="952"] By making self-care simple and enjoyable, we make millions of people happier and aim to do the same for millions more, making the world a better place.[/caption] Self-confidence is the key to - everything! We want to empower people to remove the barriers of beauty. When you feel great, you look great. And vice versa. This is why we invent visionary products that make people feel better than ever before, and this is what we aim to achieve by shaping the future of self-care and general well-being with our advanced technological non-invasive solutions.



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Ane 22/05/2023

Foreo has certainly changed my self-care routine for the better. Not only has it become more efficient, but it is also very relaxing and very simple

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erika 22/05/2023

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Hello Ane! Thank you for your comment! Stay tuned for more articles coming your way soon!


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