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13 Beauty Tips We Learned from Our Mothers

A reflection in the mirror of a mother and a daughter using FOREO BEAR 2 microcurrent devices on their faces

This Mother’s Day, we’re celebrating the unique bond between mothers and daughters by sharing the beauty routines passed on from generation to generation. Our team gathered the best beauty advice we got from our mothers, and as a special treat, FOREO is offering fantastic discounts to treat your mothers: it’s time for us to share the knowledge, too. 

Best Beauty Advice We Got From Our Mothers

1. One of my fondest memories from childhood is of my mom and I sitting in front of the mirror and having our little hair routine. My mom has always had the most beautiful long, thick, and shiny black hair, so I’d always asked her to do my hair. I, of course, wanted to be just like her! The best hack she taught me was to never sleep with my hair down, so we’d brush and braid our hair together every night before bed. We also had little rituals of oiling our hair once a week and laughing at how goofy we looked with slicked-back hair. P.S. Sometimes, we still do this together. Thanks, Mom!    - Ana, PR Specialist 


2. My mother taught me a great deal about skincare. I remember one piece of advice in particular, and I am passing it on to my daughter, who is 12 now. The advice is that all investments in your skin (health) will pay off. By investments, she was referring to both financial investments and time. She always said that instead of buying a piece of clothes one doesn't really need, one should invest in a good skincare product. Likewise, she found investing some time in building a daily skincare routine more effective rather than staring endlessly at the screen. Beautiful skin in her 70s proves she was right! - Nikolina, Global Head of PR 


3. I’ve watched my mom’s beauty routines since I was a child: in the evening, she always used cleansing milk to take her makeup off, then a toner to freshen up her skin, and then a hydrating cream. For most of my life, I followed the same routine! She loves to put on bold red lipstick, which I also got from her. Whenever I want to look empowered or just feel good, I put the red lipstick on. It works every time! - Anja, MYSA Editor and Copywriter 


4. My mum is a dermatologist so since I can remember, she has been obsessed with SPF. I never listened to her when I was younger because - like everyone at the time - I wanted to be super tanned and thought that SPF would deprive me of that. Now I understand what she was talking about this whole time! Her skin looks even younger than mine with 30 years difference. Although it's not really a DIY tip, it's definitely worth mentioning. -Dora, Digital Marketing Assistant 


5. My mom always emphasized the significance of natural beauty and the principle of "less is more." She believes in using cosmetic products only when truly necessary. For her, a subtle makeup look is essential – that's why she usually sticks to just mascara and sunscreen, the essentials for a natural look and healthy skin. In the past, I remember how she always had this thing about eyebrows – she was constantly reminding me to leave them alone. Sounds simple, right? Well, not quite, especially with the rollercoaster of trends, ranging from pencil-thin to bold and bushy and back again. Overall, she simply encourages me not to overdo my makeup or anything else and reminds me not to hide behind a mask. Looking back, I realize that all of her beauty advice aims at enhancing my natural radiance. Oh, and one more crucial piece of advice: keep your hands away from your face to avoid unwanted spots. -Anna-Maria, PR Manager  


6. One problem I always discussed with my mum was how to remove puffiness from my eyes. I remember her telling me to put a metal spoon in the freezer and then press it on my eyelids for a couple of minutes. When I was younger and had more pimples, she would recommend that I make a DIY honey mask to reduce the inflammation - it worked every time! - Carla, Digital Marketing Assistant 


7. My mom saved my high school reputation - and I'll be forever grateful. On one wintery day during the first grade of high school, I was watching Baywatch to enjoy the summer vibes, but then my hormones started raging. I was looking at Pamela Anderson, and I was thinking about how perfect she was, the bathing suit, the body, the hair, the eyebrows. Wait... I know I can't get the rest, but I could do the eyebrows!! I ran into the bathroom, rummaged around my mom's makeup bag, got the tweezers, and got to the mirror. But the problem was that I didn't know how to use the tweezers, so I plucked out a huge hole in the middle of my left eyebrow (she hasn't been the same since). When she saw my face, my mother taught me how to pluck eyebrows and, most importantly, fill in the gap in my left eyebrow so the kids at school wouldn't make fun of me. Basically, my mom was my OG eyebrow wiz before I had Anastasia from Beverly Hills. -Valentina, Creative Team Lead 


8. I have a few tips my mum and I were using every summer. I would squeeze a bit of lemon on my hair to get the best highlights (no charge!) and she always advised me to bathe in yogurt when I got a sunburn. - Kim, Digital Marketing Specialist 


9. My family's secret to glowing skin? Simplicity! My mom, who learned from her own mother, swears by just sunscreen, moisturizer, and gentle cleansing with cold water. But, don't let the simplicity fool you – her skin is (almost) flawless: no puffiness, a healthy radiance, and tiny pores! -Marina, SEM Manager 


10. My mum recommends to wash your hair with nettle water after washing it with your shampoo to make it grow faster! - Maria, Digital Marketing Specialist 


11. In my family, olive oil was the ultimate tool for beauty (inside and out). If you're sick - have a spoonful of olive oil. If you want to make your skin softer make a scrub from olive oil and sugar. For split ends make a hair mask or remove your mascara with just a drop of olive oil. The only problem is, you have to have a strong plug to get all this olive oil! - Petra, Digital Marketing Manager 


12. As a young boy, my mother taught me the importance of hygiene through simple, daily rituals. Washing my hands after play and thorough toothbrushing before bed became ingrained habits. And for that, I'll forever be grateful, thanking my mama for guiding me to walk through the world clean, fresh, and tidy. It's funny how even today, I vividly remember the mantra she taught me: "Hygiene is a cornerstone of health.'' -Stipe, Copywriter 


13. Be happy! -Anna, Head of Business Analytics  

Something We Can Teach Them

Skincare and technology have come a long way since… well, since a couple of years ago, so, when it comes to taking care of the facial skin, there’s a lot to teach our mothers, too. From microcurrent muscle training, to microdermabrasion and LED light therapy, there are clinically proven ways to cleanse, moisturize, lift, firm, and rejuvenate the skin with the latest advances in skincare technology. 

LUNA™ 4 plus

Facial cleansing is a basis for every beauty routine - without cleansing, everything else we do will have little effect. And what was once cleansing with soap, hands, and cotton pads, the iconic LUNA™ facial cleansing brush turned into an at-home facial that draws out 99% of dirt, oil, and makeup residue and massages and firms the skin and improves lymphatic drainage. 


LUNA™ 4 plus is a boosted version of the device intended for aging skin. Besides ultra-hygienic silicone bristles and gentle T-Sonic™ massage, it features a near-infrared LED light to reverse signs of aging such as sun spots and dullness and increase collagen and elastin production. It also features microcurrent to naturally plump and firm skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines.  FOREO LUNA 4 plus facial cleansing brush on a coffee table next to the SUPERCHARGED serum and a framed photo depicting sunset

UFO™ 3

As we age, our skin loses moisture, and moisture is important for the healthy and plump look of our skin. Traditional topicals could only do so much to replenish the moisture we lose due to aging, air-conditioning, nutrition, weather conditions, etc. This is where UFO™ 3 comes into play: a deep facial hydration device that uses Hyper-Infusion technology to deliver the active ingredients from the facial mask deep into the dermis, where they work best. 


It’s clinically proven to increase skin moisture by 126% in just 2 minutes of treatment and reduce the look of wrinkles in just one week. We bet your mom will enjoy the benefits of 5 anti-aging spa facials that UFO™ 3 provides.

FOREO UFO device with UFO masks on the bed


Microcurrent has been a huge trend in the beauty world lately, and for a good reason. Research has shown that stimulating the tissue with microcurrent up to 1000 microamps results in the increase of ATP in the cells - and ATP is important for collagen and elastin production and regeneration of the cells. 


BEAR™ 2 is the most powerful microcurrent device on the market that is clinically proven to improve wrinkles, skin firmness, and elasticity in just one week. With four revolutionary types of microcurrent, it trains 69 muscles in your face and neck, just like regular exercise tones the muscles in your body. So, encourage your mom to exercise her body regularly, and to treat herself to facial exercises - from the comfort of her home. FOREO BEAR™ 2 and SUPERCHARGED™ Serum 2.0 on a counter, an unrecognizable city in the background

KIWI™ derma

Another popular treatment for reducing the signs of aging is microdermabrasion, a cosmetic procedure that uses fine crystals and vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion promotes cell turnover, reduces the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, helps the pores appear smaller, and gives the skin a healthy, youthful glow.  


KIWI™ derma is a microdermabrasion and pore vacuum device that uses medical-grade steel and sturdy Adamas diamonds (hence its tips never need to be replaced). The diamonds gently remove dead skin cells and debris, and help to stimulate blood flow and collagen production, while vacuum suction aids the exfoliation process by immediately vacuuming loosened dead skin cells and removes impurities from the pores.  FOREO KIWI derma and LUNA 4 mini on a marble counter in a bathroom, a vase with white flowers in the background

FAQ™ 202

You have surely caught a glance at an LED mask somewhere on social media. Why did it become such a huge trend? Our body naturally produces collagen to provide strength and structure to the skin and to repair skin cells. However, we start producing less collagen as early as our mid-20s, with a significant decline at age 30. 


To combat the loss of collagen, FAQ™ 202 Silicone LED Face Masks use collagen-boosting LED therapy in the form of different wavelengths of light to re-strengthen different layers of the skin and once again kick-start our skin’s natural healing processes. And unlike other LED masks, which only beam light on a few specific points on the face, FAQ™ LED masks spread light evenly across your skin via 600 optimized points of light and fit every face perfectly. Now we’re talking about a special treat. Hands holding the red FAQ™ 202 LED face maskDo you have any beauty advice that you learned from your mother, grandmother, or other significant family member? Please share in the comments below!



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Verena Brand 22/04/2024

Thanks for the discounts this Mother's Day. I already ordered something

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dora 23/04/2024

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Dear Verena, that is great! :)

Your mother will sure be happy!

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Jale 10/05/2024

I learned a lot of beauty tips from my mom, but they all take a lot of time. I'm very happy that my daughter learns from me Foreo tips that will never take much of her time. Thanks for the discounts, I ordered something for myself and something for my mom :)


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