If you Google “freckles”, you see tons of results on how to get rid of freckles or how to hide them with makeup. If you’re lucky enough to have them, why would you want to hide them?

Freckles get a lot of bad press, which is as unfair as it is inaccurate. A simple Google search of “freckles” turns up tons of results on how to get rid of freckles or how to hide them behind makeup. If you’re among the lucky people who has a freckle or two (or ten), why in the world would you want to hide them?

Not convinced yet? Here are 10 reasons why we love freckles.

Freckles mean you’ve spent a day outside –  or better yet, on holiday

It’s so important to wear sunscreen – but if you’re spending your entire day out in the sun in a totally exposed area – like a beautiful beach – even the most faithful of appliers and re-appliers will inevitably catch a few rays. And if you’re fortunate, they’ll manifest in a spray of fun freckles across your cheeks and nose.

Freckles are way better than a sunburn

If you do manage a full day out in the sun and afterwards, your biggest “problem” is freckles, then you are a lucky woman indeed.

The arrival of summer is always an event to celebrate. You know summer has arrived from the tell-tale signals: a midnight thunder and lightning storm, finding fresh watermelon for sale at the market, the first day it’s warm enough to wear sandals out – and of course, the appearance of your first freckle.


Freckles are harmless to your health

If you’re prone to freckles, it probably does mean you’re on the fairer side of things (although all skin types can develop freckles), and having fair skin does put you at greater risk of health problems like skin cancer. But freckles themselves aren’t any indication of disease. If you do notice a strange-looking “freckle”, ask your dermatologist as it could be another problem.

Freckles are in your genes

If you have freckles, there’s a good chance one or both of your parents have them, too. So be proud of your genetic inheritance, and don’t forget to thank Mom next Mother’s Day or Dad next’s Father’s Day.

You are rare

Although freckles aren’t limited exclusively to fair-skinned redheads, it is fair to say that our red-headed friends get the lion’s share of freckles – and they only make up 4-5 percent of the total world population. So if you not only have freckles but you’re also a natural redhead, then you’re pretty special, indeed. A ruby in the ruff.

It may be the only melanin you have, so cherish it

Freckles develop after exposure to the sun. The sun’s ultraviolet radiation triggers the skin’s melanocytes to make more melanin, which results in freckles. If you have freckles, there’s a good chance you’re also very fair-skinned and thus not blessed with much melanin – so enjoy what little you’ve got!

Freckles can make you look younger

Freckles are most common before puberty, which is probably part of the reason we tend to associate freckles with youth.

Freckles create a natural look, require less makeup

When you have a face full of freckles, you already stand out in a crowd. Some people spend money on bold lipstick or dark eye shadow palettes – you already have an eye-catching feature, and it’s au naturel.

Freckles are beautiful

Some of the world’s most beautiful people also enjoy flaunting their freckles, so feel free to do the same.