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Make the Most of Your Mornings with this 20 Minute Wake-Up Routine

Make mornings great again.   The sound of your alarm clock is blaring as you abruptly wake up, splash some cold water on your face, grab your shoes and run out the door. You can choose to continue lingering in bed each morning, or set yourself up for increased productivity and success by implementing a simple 20-minute wake up routine that will have you bouncing out of bed in no time. (C’mon... you know you want to!)  

#Hydrate (1 Minute)

Flush out all the toxins in your body by drinking a nice big glass of water right after you wake up. Believe it or not, your brain tissue is made up of 75% water, so when you’re not properly hydrated, you may feel drained or tired later in the day.  

Ice, Ice, Baby  (5 Minutes)

To ensure your entire day is set for success, head straight to the bathroom for a cold shower. Although it doesn’t sound relaxing, taking a cold shower will dramatically increase your oxygen intake & heart rate, resulting in a natural dose of energy throughout the day.  

Make The Bed ( 2 Min)

It is scientifically proven that making your bed every morning increases productivity and makes you happier. Who knew such a simple change could make such a big impact?  

Namaste (5 Min)

Sharpen your senses and increase your blood flow by doing some simple stretches followed by a few minutes of mindful meditation. This will allow for a clear head space and calmer mindset to begin your day.  

Fill Your Tank With Fuel (8 min)

Eating a balanced and nutritious breakfast every morning can be extremely beneficial to not only your health (metabolism boost, lower risk of heart disease, the list goes on), but also your mind as studies show that eating breakfast improves cognitive function which can enhance your memory. Ready to take on tomorrow morning? Because after testing this method for a week, we sure are!  

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