Because nothing warms the heart like nostalgia.

Remember being a kid at Christmas? Everything seemed so magical and perfect. As you grow older, the holidays tend to become a little less miraculous and a little more stressful. You may not be able to turn back time, but you can take a walk down memory lane and re-capture a bit of that childhood wonder. So cozy up on the couch and settle in for a Christmas movie marathon straight out of the 90s.

9. Jack Frost

A man brought back to life as a talking snowman to guide his adolescent son through the turbulent fall-out of his death? Sure, why not! The 90s were so wonderfully weird.


8. A Mom for Christmas

Yet another comedy built on the morbid foundation of a deceased parent. But who could not love Olivia Newton John as a mannequin brought to life?


7. Santa with Muscles

2 words: Hulk Hogan.


6. All I Want for Christmas

A young Thora Birch wants the same thing every millennial child did – for their divorced parents to reunite just in time for the holidays. Think The Parent Trap, but with more mistletoe!


5. Borrowed Hearts

Made for TV? More like made for you! When a rent-a-family scheme goes predictably wrong, Roma Downey does what she does best –tugs at our heartstrings. Added bonus: movie makeover montage!


4. To Grandmother’s House We Go

America’s favorite twins in a holiday caper with double the cheesy 90s vibes. Alternate title: The Olsen Twins Were WAY Cuter Than You as Children.


3. I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Jessica Biel & J.T.T. in their prime. Sure, they’re an oddly-mismatched couple in terms of height, but 12 year-old you will still say “Awwwww!”


2. The Santa Clause

Everyone’s favorite 90s Dad, Tim Allen, is magically transformed into the jolliest father figure of them all – Father Christmas. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want hot cocoa.


1. Jingle all the Way

The Governator helps us all learn a very important lesson: holiday shopping was much more dangerous before Amazon.