Afterglow: Fact or Fiction?

June 7, 2017 • Feel Good / Fun


Your next roll in the hay might bring your skin a little afternoon delight.

If you’re looking to instantly improve your complexion, you may not have to look farther than between the sheets. As it turns out, afterglow is a real thing, since sex really can give you a brighter complexion. So whether you’re getting busy with a partner or partaking in a ménage à moi, you’re in for some seriously glowing skin.

The Ins and Outs

When heavy petting leads to heavy breathing, your heart rate increases and starts pumping more oxygen into your blood – and with it, come some amazing skin benefits.

  • O-Face = Glow Face

During intercourse, blood flow increases, delivering extra oxygen to your skin through your veins, causing an immediate brightening effect. If you manage to work up a sweat, the extra sheen of perspiration only adds to your glow.

  • Knockin’ Boots Can Knock Years Off Your Appearance

Improved blood circulation actually boosts collagen production, meaning the time you spend having sex could actually turn back time for your skin.

  • Bump Uglies to Bump Dry Skin

[Insert something about moisture here] – we’ll spare you any phrases that include the word ‘wet’, but you get the point. Elevated oxygen levels can improve dry skin at any age.

  • Makin’ Us Blush!

The benefits of an orgasm? Increased blood flow during sex and climax means sexy flushed skin and lips. Why buy that orgasm blush when you can get the real thing for free?


As if you needed another reason to love makin’ love, now you’ve got it. Enjoy the afterglow.

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