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I Tried Shooting Lasers at My Zits & I’m Never Looking Back

How this flower child fell head-over-heels for the ultimate high-tech acne treatment.

Problem Skin: A Real Problem

During my adolescent years, I was lucky enough to stay relatively free of acne and bad breakouts. But by the time I hit my 20s, hormonal acne reared its ugly head. I was trying my best to adult, but my sebaceous glands had written ‘teenager’ in pimples across my chin. Going on hormonal birth control to level things out just didn’t vibe with me, so I began my quest to find the best acne treatment.   I’m the kind of hippie who buys aluminum-free deodorant and uses apple cider vinegar for basically everything, so I was instantly drawn to the plethora of natural acne remedies out there. I tried all the oils - jojoba oil, coconut oil, tea tree oil - and they were great for hydrating, but they did nothing to get my sebum production under control. So, I adopted a skin-friendly diet - save for the occasional pizza binge - and started taking my multivitamins like a grown-ass woman. While my efforts were making a difference, I still couldn’t completely get rid of acne breakouts.   Then, I was handed an ESPADA and saw the light: the blue light.  

What is ESPADA?

A zit-zapping, skin-clearing, life-changing blue light acne treatment. There’s no other acne-fighting device like this one. It blasts 415 nm blue light - the same strength used by dermatologists for in-office phototherapy - deep into your pores to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce sebum levels. Combined with FOREO’s unique T-Sonic pulsations, the laser light is even more powerful. ESPADA’s antibacterial silicone surface keeps bacteria from spreading around and it’s softer than my cat, Mr. Pickles, the fluffiest kitty who ever lived.

Up Close & Personal

When I first saw ESPADA, I was skeptical. What could this little flashlight do for my pimples, zits and acne scars? But after the very first 30-second treatment, I saw a visible difference in the redness and swelling on my face. Breakouts disappeared overnight without popping anything, and the texture of my skin was perfected. Plus, ESPADA regulates sebum levels so my complexion has STAYED clear, y’all.

How to Use ESPADA

High-tech doesn’t always have to mean hard to use. All you need to do is press the center button and point it at your pimples. Then, kick back and plot to end climate change - or whatever your side hustle may be.     It has literal crosshairs to target the exact spot you need to treat, and the blue light activates when it touches your skin. Hold it on your zits until you feel the automatic timer pulse, then you can repeat on the same spot or move it to another breakout.   I love that ESPADA uses light to treat acne-prone skin; it doesn’t get more natural than that. But most of all, I love it because it works! I’ve got my confidence back and my acne under control thanks to ESPADA.

Where to Find ESPADA

This blue-light miracle-worker is now available at Sephora, so you can pick one up and start blasting blemishes right away.



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Louise 18/03/2021

Hello :)

At what step of your skincare routine did you use the ESPADA and how often did you use it?

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carly 19/03/2021

In reply to by Louise


Hi Louise! We suggest to remove makeup, cleanse (with LUNA™), use ESPADA™ on clean skin after cleansing before any other products and after that hydrate and moisturize your skin :) Please note that you should never apply the treatment to a spot more than 3 times daily. Any more often than this could lead to skin burns or injuries. Leave a minimum time of 4 hours between each treatment. Also, never use the device longer than 2 minutes on one blemish. Overuse can lead to skin injury. Safety first! Kind regards :)


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