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LUNA fofo on The Ultimate Travel Test: #SkinExpedition Part 2

Oh, the places you'll go... Last week we shared the first instalment of a jet-setting experiment devised to push our smartest skin saver yet, LUNA fofo, to the max. Our global #SkinExpedition saw FOREO ambassadors Jan SokolowskyJoni SiosSophie Tatar and Lauren Lewis travel to a host of exotic destinations all around the world. Their assignment was to see how fofo fared in differing climactic conditions, and most importantly, whether it could create customized cleansing routines to keep testers' skin looking its beautiful best! The first part of our round-the-world trip took in FOREO's home country of Sweden; hot and humid Uganda, where we met up with a very smiley set of new friends; and balmy Kuala Lumpur. But the fun didn't stop there - read on to discover where our #SkinExpedition took us next...

Jan Sokolowsky and Joni Sios FOREO ambassador holding mint LUNA fofo on Antactica

Ice Cold Beauty

Just as our intrepid testers were getting acclimatized to tropical KL, they were off again… to South America! Southern Chile was the jumping off point for a simply breathtaking adventure around Patagonia, taking in jaw-dropping beauty, rugged landscapes, and dramatic ice fields. Extreme in every sense, the cool, dry climate challenged LUNA fofo to quickly respond, adjust and adapt for four different skin types. [video width="720" height="1080" mp4="https://www.foreo.com/mysa/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/11/antarctica_small.mp4"][/video] Reader, it nailed it! An Antarctic cruise was both breathtakingly beautiful, and seriously dehydrating on the skin. Fortunately, FOREO had come prepared! Testers were duly kitted-out with our UFO smart mask and intensely quenching H2Overdose UFO-Activated Mask. Infused with hyaluronic acid, it was just the thing to get our gorgeous ambassadors back to their hydrated, dewy selves. Phew!

FOREO #skinexpedition Crew at Brazil

Fun in the Sun

The final stop on our whirlwind adventure was Brazil. Not only did we figure our ambassadors could do with a little R&R after three weeks on the road, we also wanted to see how LUNA fofo would stand up to beach life - and specifically, an abundance of suncream! Once again, our testers boasted clear skin all round. Hoorah! [video width="720" height="1080" mp4="https://www.foreo.com/mysa/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2018/11/Brazil_small.mp4"][/video]

The Verdict

Our fabulous four really put LUNA fofo through its paces. Their verdict? It’s the ultimate travel companion! Not only did the two-in-one cleanser and analyzer keep them glowing in spite of some serious jetlag, it also clocked the effects changing climatic conditions were having on their skin, and tailor-made cleansing routines to suit. To find out more about LUNA fofo, have a read of this - and happy travels! FOREO #skinexpedition at Antarctica holding black LUNA FofoSophie Tatar FOREO ambasador holding black LUNA fofoFOREO Skinexpedition Sophie Tatar holding black LUNA fofoFOREO LUNA fofo fuchsia in snow with FOREO appFOREO Skinexpedition ambasador Lauren Lewis holding fuchsia LUNA fofoJan Sokolowsky FOREO ambassador holding fuchsia LUNA FofoFOREO #skinexpedition Crew at BrazilJan Sokolowsky FOREO ambassador using yellow LUNA Fofo and FOREO appJan Sokolowsky FOREO ambassador reading VisionKL

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