LUNA fofo

Get Ready for 100% Personalized Skincare!

Everyone’s skin is unique, so why do beauty brands keep claiming one solution fits all? We believe artificial intelligence can deliver a 100% personalized skincare routine, which is why we’re launching the new LUNA fofo as part of the world’s biggest Beauty AI revolution.


Optimize your skin’s health with LUNA fofo, 2-in-1 smart beauty coach and facial cleansing brush that analyzes skin for customized cleansing. Powered by artificial intelligence, it builds a beauty routine that is uniquely - you.

LUNA fofo uses advanced skin sensors to measure skin moisture levels, real skin age and skin type. It uses this information to automatically set a cleansing routine right for you. And with the power of AI, the more you use it, and the more people use them - the smarter it gets!


The countdown has begun! We’re partnering with the FabFitFun Summerbox to send out LUNA fofo facial cleansing brushes to 1 million U.S beauty trendsetters. From the award-winning LUNA skincare range, our new LUNA fofo app is scheduled to wake-up on June 4th 2018, unleashing the full power of your very own Smart Beauty Coach.

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