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Anti-Aging Silicone LED Masks

Molds to face.

Swedish beauty routines

5-in-1 spa facial

Anti-Aging mask, heating, cooling, LED light, massage. In one device.


3 steps for a face that can face anything

Your skin wants to breathe. To glow. To be firm. The good news is: getting pro-level results is now easier than ever. You can do it anytime, anywhere. Effortlessly. So forget about spending at least an hour at a beauty salon. Check out these 3 products used for a 6-minute routine recommended by Vogue.




Clinical Anti-aging treatment

Complete at-home facial rejuvenation

FAQTM 102 delivers the combined concentrated power of electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), radio-frequency (RF) & LED light therapy to key locations on the face & neck. So you can tone muscles to tighten sagging, accelerate collagen production to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and revitalize skin - all from the comfort of home.

LUNA 4 Collection

The most gentle and powerful LUNA ever made

Loved by celebrities

Feels like I am literally at the spa! UFO 2 makes you feel like you are having a massage & it's so nourishing.

When my eyes get puffy, I pull out my FOREO IRIS massager — it mimics the tapping used in traditional Asian skin care. It looks like a vibrator, so I call it my 'eyebrator.'

Every day, I wash my face using the Kora Organics Cream Cleanser and the FOREO LUNA mini 2 Pink, for an extra deep cleanse.

If you have puffiness you just do this - and it's like vibrating and it like removes lymphatic drainage goes down your neck... it's like a beauty secret I love.

...when I use the LUNA mini 2 and put on my cleanser, before I even take a shower, it just brings the blood supply to my skin, and you know...it just helps everything settle faster in the morning.

I think probably one of the hugest benefits is that this only takes 90 seconds. Everyone is always in a rush these days, and I think if we could all mask in the morning we would – the UFO definitely makes that possible.

It takes 90 seconds and it will immediately make your skin look and feel phenomenal, exactly the same effect as if you've just had a super luxurious facial.

My FOREO face brush, which is fantastic for cleansing skin while travelling.

I hate it when they put vaseline on my face for boxing, so afterwards I cleanse with my FOREO and Dr Barbara Sturm cleanser, which gets rid of all the dirt from the fight, too.


Targeted treatments

Making your skin happy doesn’t have to be hard. The first step is to target what you want to improve. By finding the proper treatment, you are halfway there.

Eye care
LUNA 4 Body
LUNATM 4 body
Body care
LUNA 4 Body
LUNATM 4 body
Body care
The 2-minute natural facelift
Microcurrent facelift

The 2-minute natural facelift


4-in-1 sonic toothbrush


Know that great feeling of freshly brushed teeth? Now you can increase it by 140% with the world’s first silicone sonic toothbrush. It cleans teeth, gums, tongue and cheeks, with a battery that lasts up to a year per one charge. Meet ISSA



What is squalane and why do you need it in your skincare


Understanding causes of skin aging is the first step in good beauty routine


Thanks to FOREO’s BEAR, it’s easy to look younger without surgery


FOREO, the Swedish expert in connected beauty, has come up with an express protocol to transform your bathroom into a high-tech spa.

The FOREO BEAR microcurrent device has five intensities to help lift and contour the various areas of the face. It has an anti-shock system to protect your skin and comes with a paired app to programme various facial workouts.

The feeling of freshness UFO 2 offers, tones and moisturizes the skin in just 2 minutes (...) helping to neutralize imperfections such as sagging skin, excessive swelling and dilated pores.

The most compact LED face mask here, its handbag-friendly size didn't compromise its performance. Skin looked brighter after use - 73% of testers were pleased with their added glow.

The silicone bristles are softer than your typical brush and more sanitary for all the germaphobes out there, but still left 87% with squeaky-clean skin.

FOREO Imagination has a luxurious, creamy texture, taking away the homemade feel of DIY masks and making them feel as fancy as a clinic treatment for a spa at home vibe.


Alex Gonzaga

Trevor Ritchie

Paris Hilton

Rita Ora


Ryan Libbey

The exciting story of FOREO family


Behind our global presence is a simple idea: to help millions of people feel great in their own skin. By getting professional results without leaving home.

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