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How to Achieve Your Healthiest Skin This Summer

Discover brilliant ways to achieve healthy skin all summer long! We want nothing more than for you to feel confident in your own skin, especially during the warmer months. Summer typically means ditching the heavy makeup and opting for the lighter fresher textures with less coverage. For many, the thought of applying less or going makeup-free can be quite daunting. Our skin's appearance can have a direct impact on our self-esteem as we try to combat society's unrealistic standards of perfection. At FOREO, we want to help you embrace the skin you’re in and equip you with devices that will have you achieve your healthiest, most radiant complexion yet. FOREO’s signature t-sonic technology featured in all LUNA devices removes 99.5% of dirt, oil, makeup and SPF residue, helping you feel fresh after long summer days in the sun. Whether it's plumper skin, a deeper cleanse or that radiant glow that makes you feel more confident, ESPADA and LUNA range have you covered, with a device to suit all skin types and lifestyles.

LUNA 3 - Our best-seller & firm favourite

Summer can be a busy time jammed packed with adventures, but it also presents a time to relax, recover and recuperate from the year that's passed. LUNA 3 is perfect for anyone who loves those relaxing luxurious spa treatments. It has two modes: cleansing mode and anti-aging massage mode that help you get the best out of your cleansing routine as well as boost your skincare application. This high-tech device connects to your phone through the FOREO For You app where you can customise from 16 intensities and also select massage routines to target your skin concerns.  The LUNA 3 is available in four skin types: Sensitive with smaller softer silicone bristles for delicate skin, Combination with larger firmer silicone bristles for a deep cleanse, Normal with the perfect mix of both to suit any area of the face and LUNA 3 for Men with silicone bristles to help you get your smoothest shave yet. With up to 650 uses per charge, you can make it through the whole summer without needing to stress about charging your device. 

LUNA 3 Plus - Sonic cleansing & microcurrent in one 

If you loved the sound of the LUNA 3 but still want more then this is the most indulgent LUNA device yet. Featuring everything you already love about the LUNA 3 with the addition of 2 extra features to improve your cleansing experience.  As temperatures and humidity rise, this can result in a higher production of natural oils in the skin. LUNA 3 Plus features thermal heating for a deep but gentle cleanse that helps to loosen those stubborn oils trapped deep within the pores. The second feature is microcurrent technology which has been incorporated into the massage mode feature to gently stimulate the skin with low-level electrical energy which helps to firm and plump skin for a youthful glow. For now, this incredible device is only available in Australia—but we can't wait until it travels around the globe some day soon!

LUNA Mini 3 - For the ultimate healthy glow, on the go

LUNA Mini 3 is here to give you radiant skin and boost skin confidence even when pressed for time. It's the only device to feature the 30-second glow boost mode which is great for when you are in a hurry but still need to look after your skin, making it the perfect beach bag companion. LUNA Mini 3 features app connectivity where you can select from 12 intensities and up to 400 uses per charge.

LUNA Fofo - Personalised routines based on your skin’s needs

If you need that little extra guide to get your skin through the warmer months then consider LUNA Fofo your smart little beauty coach. This clever device has gold plated skin sensors to analyse your skin and create a personalised routine unique to you. It connects to the app to help you track your skin's hydration levels. It also allows you to track and respond to internal and external factors that affect the skin's health such as changes in climate and diet. LUNA Fofo lasts up to 400 uses, for a whole year of pro-level skincare!

LUNA Go - An excellent travel companion

Whether it's a weekend away or a day at the beach, LUNA Go is the most lightweight, rechargeable LUNA that you can take with you anywhere. This compact device offers an on-the-go cleansing and anti-aging experience for four skin types: sensitive, normal, combination and oily skin.

LUNA Play Plus - The perfect introduction to the range

Last but not least from the cleansing range we have LUNA Play Plus. If you're curious about t-sonic cleansing but not yet ready to take the leap with one of our larger devices then this is the perfect starter device. The most accessible price point to refine and brighten for a refreshed complexion.  It has one intensity but lots of bright fun colours to choose from.

ESPADA - The SOS treatment for when blemishes appear

While we are out enjoying the warmer weather, the heat also provides an environment for acne-causing bacteria to thrive in. Let the acne-fighting blue LED of ESPADA help build your skin confidence. The LED light energy works by attacking acne-causing bacteria while T-sonic pulsations propel the blue light wavelengths deeper, for an amplified effect. This innovative, noninvasive wonder tackles blemishes gently and effectively in just 30 seconds while facilitating healing of the skin. ESPADA targets pimples, clogged pores and blackheads, with studies showing 3 out of 4 people report clearer-looking skin after just one use.* Let's leave the pressure of perfect skin behind in 2020 and start the year right by celebrating skin confidence. Click here  to read about Ruchi Page and Maddie Edwards’ skin confidence journeys. *After a 28-day consumer test, results on file



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Jane 04/03/2021

Amazing post. I'm using Luna 3 Plus for the last 6 months. I am a happy customer.

MYSA user avatar
carly 05/03/2021

In reply to by Jane


Hi Jane! I'm thrilled to hear you love your LUNA 3 :) Keep using it regularly for optimal results and take care!

MYSA user avatar
Junie 07/05/2021

How long does Luna Go's battery normally last - based on estimation with 1 usage per day?

MYSA user avatar
carly 07/05/2021

In reply to by Junie


Hi Junie :) Please note that one hour of charging your LUNA™ Go delivers a full charge (which lasts for up to 1 month) which lasts for up to 60 uses if you use it a minute per day. Hope this helps :)


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