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This UFO Activated Mask is the Key to Scary-Good Halloween Makeup

girl with skeleton halloween makeup holding foreo ufo mask matte maniac
Here’s why. The spookiest holiday of all is creeping up on us, and whether Halloween makeup is your costume or just the finishing touch on an otherwise flawless getup, we are here for it. An enchanting Ouija board disguise? Yes. A neon skull look a-la Kylie Jenner? Absolutely. But even the most Insta-worthy Halloween makeup look can be ruined without proper skin prep. Fail to prep, prep to fail, amirite? Luckily, FOREO has a killer smart mask solution that will perfect your skin and keep your makeup in place long after the trick-or-treaters have gone to bed - Matte Maniac.

The Horror of Halloween Makeup

Heavy Halloween makeup can suffocate your skin, keeping impurities trapped beneath the surface and leading to breakouts. So before you start lacquering it on, you should start with a clean, fresh palette - that’s where Matte Maniac comes into play.

Prep Your Skin For Fright Night

When you combine the charcoal-infused mask formula with UFO’s T-Sonic pulsations and blue LED light, you get a purifying powerhouse that will draw out any dirt, oil or bacteria that may be lurking in the dark corners of your pores. At the same time, snow lotus and witch hazel work with UFO’s signature Cryotherapy to help soothe skin, lock in moisture, and minimize the appearance of pores. In 90 seconds, you’ll see soft, healthy-looking skin that’s primed and ready to be transformed into the dead flesh of a zombie.   halloween makeup   Halloween makeup (or any makeup, for that matter) will go on smoother, and stay on longer with a little help from Matte Maniac and UFO. And when November 1 dawns and your reign of terror has ended, treat your skin to a second dose of Matte Maniac for clear, frighteningly flawless skin. Happy Halloween-ing out there!

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