Smarter skincare starts here.   

The latest LUNA device to join the FOREO family, LUNA fofo is the world’s smartest facial cleansing brush. After being given an exclusive sneak peek of the product, I can officially say it’s my new favorite skincare toy. LUNA fofo not only cleanses skin with ultra-hygienic silicone bristles, but it also analyzes the skin’s moisture levels, giving me all the knowledge I need to achieve a healthy glow. Read on below to learn how LUNA fofo’s smart skincare approach changed my morning routine for good!

What is LUNA fofo?

LUNA fofo is a facial cleansing device that allows users to completely customize their cleanse with the help of a smart beauty coach. By analyzing the moisture levels on skin with 24K gold skin sensors, LUNA fofo can help redefine your skincare routine by teaching you more about the state of your skin.

As someone with proven dry skin (as confirmed by an aesthetician at a local spa), I was very curious to see if LUNA fofo would pick up on this. I placed the skin sensors on my cheeks, forehead and nose as directed by the app and after a few minutes I was given a skin score and detailed analysis of the moisture levels in each zone of my face. Turns out, on this particular day, some parts of my skin were dry while others were (thankfully) normal.

After completing my skin analysis, LUNA fofo automatically synced a cleansing routine compatible for my dry skin straight to my device, all I had to do was click the start button. After using LUNA fofo for only 1 week, I felt like my cleansing routine was more efficient and my skin was on the road to perfect health.

What Comes With LUNA fofo?

Similar to LUNA play plus, LUNA fofo is rechargeable, making it a worthwhile investment in my skincare routine as I won’t need to throw the device away at any point. You can use the device up to 400 times before the 2 AAA batteries need to be replaced. The rest of the goodies that come with LUNA fofo can be found digitally on the FOREO app.

How to Use LUNA fofo

LUNA fofo is Bluetooth connected, allowing your skin data to be synced directly to the FOREO app. Hold down the button on the back of the device for three seconds until the light starts blinking to pair the device with the app. To conduct the skin analysis phase of LUNA fofo, simply follow the directions on the app.

When it comes to cleansing, as per other LUNA devices, you just apply your favorite cleanser to your damp skin, turn the device on by pressing the button and gently massage all parts of your skin in a circle motion for a minute. Rinse off, pat dry and moisturize for super soft skin that lasts all day. Plus-  based on your skin analysis, the intensity and duration of the cleanse in each zone of your face will change!


Why I love LUNA fofo

LUNA fofo is cute, compact, and efficient. It gives my skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. As someone with a myriad of health apps, a skin app and cleansing device all-in-one was something I never knew I needed, but I love! I’m learning more and more about my skin every time I use the device and I have a clear complexion to boot!

What they say is true…the more you know, the more you glow!