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ESPADA by the Numbers: Clinically-Proven Results

Best Acne Treatment
The results are in - ESPADA leads to overall healthier-looking skin!   Clinical studies conducted by researchers at COSderma Laboratories found ESPADA to be more than just an average acne treatment. This noncomedogenic, powerful blue light device is effective in both treating acne blemishes and preventing further breakouts, for skin that is more purified, and looks and feels healthier.  

Details of the Study

  Testers were randomly divided into two groups, one used a purifying cleanser together with the ESPADA Blue Light Acne Treatment, and one used only the cleanser. Twice daily for 28 days, participants were assessed by a dermatologist to evaluate skin conditions like number of blemishes, visibility of certain imperfections and sebum measurements.  

Amazing Results

  ESPADA delivers a significant improvement in the skin’s cutaneous state, showing a reduction in sebum levels, visibility of skin redness, pore size, facial shininess and blemishes, and improves overall smoothness. With results like these, there's no denying this is the ultimate way to zap zits overnight.  
  • Visible results after the first use for 3 out of 4 users!
  • 100% of subjects within testing group reported clearer skin, with ESPADA particularly effective on blackheads, and significantly depleted whiteheads.  
  • 4 out of 5 users saw a significant decrease in the appearance of pimples and a marked decline in number of breakouts.
  • 90% reported healthier-looking skin after using ESPADA for just 4 weeks!

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