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Do I Really Need a Facial Cleansing Brush?

Short answer: yes! Be honest: how many of us own something we don’t really need? Whether it’s the latest kitchen gadget, destined to gather dust at the back of a cupboard; or that pricey gym membership when really, a pair of running shoes and some motivation would do the trick, most of us could do with being a little more objective when it comes to what we buy. These last few years have seen facial cleansing brushes emerge as the newest beauty tech must-have. But do you really need one? And if so, what to look for when choosing the best brush for you? Read on to discover why this type of cleansing is better than the alternatives - and what makes FOREO the smartest skincare choice!

Your Hands Aren’t Enough

Washing your face with hands alone may look like it’s doing the trick - but it falls short on two fronts: exfoliation and deep cleansing. Every month or so, the skin on your face undergoes a natural process of shedding and renewing dead cells - but sometimes needs a helping hand to avoid dry, flaky patches and clogged pores. Being very soft, hands alone simply can’t do that. What’s more, if you wear makeup there’s another reason hands won’t suffice: your mitts alone can’t cleanse deeply enough, leading to - you guessed it - clogged pores and breakouts. Three white towels on cyan background ready for facial tap

Hot Cloths... Aren’t So Hot

While it’s true that the range of washcloths available today is a vast improvement on what many will remember from childhood, as a daily face-cleansing solution they’re nonetheless flawed. It’s not them - it’s you: because chances are you’re rubbing too hard. Unlike the hands-alone approach, they certainly exfoliate - but cleaning too vigorously will result in red, irritated skin. It also goes without saying that they’re a potential hotbed for bacteria - but chucking ‘em in the laundry every day is hardly the most environmentally friendly solution, is it? For these reasons, a daily hot cloth habit leaves us cold.

It’s All in the Application

As these two examples illustrate, it doesn’t matter how clever your cleanser or miraculous your moisturizer if you’re not getting the basics right. Not only do the best facial brushes strike the perfect balance between too little texture (hands) and too much pressure (cloths), they also boost skin’s absorption of products. And, for those of us with an, ahem, inconsistent approach to face-washing, they can also help establish an all-important skincare routine.

Invest in the Best… 

Investing in a facial cleansing brush can be a real game-changer when it comes to properly cleansing skin. However - not all brushes are created equal! Broadly speaking, they fall into two main categories: traditional nylon bristles, and FOREO’s altogether gentler combination of sonic pulsations and ultra-soft silicone. The LUNA range of facial cleansing brushes by FOREO raises the game when it comes to this particular beauty-tech device. The material makes all the difference: because it’s non-porous, silicone is resistant to bacterial build-up, making every single brush in the range 35 times more hygienic than nylon-bristled alternatives. LUNA uses something called T-Sonic PulsationsTM, channeling 8,000 of them per minute for an effective exfoliation that sloughs away dead skin cells, and that’s gentle enough for daily use. Ultra-effective, the brushes have been clinically proven to remove up to 99.5% of oil and dirt for a truly deep cleanse… and soothing facial massage every time! Whichever you choose, the LUNA range represents an altogether savvier investment when compared to traditional facial brushes. Why? Because their long-lasting silicone material means you’ll never have to splash out on a pricey new brush head. Those things get expensive… Finally, most LUNA models are USB rechargeable and hold their charge for up to 450 uses a time. Simply put, they’re travel-friendly devices to keep skin looking gorgeous on the go, and wherever life takes you!

Final Thoughts

The right facial brush can elevate your cleansing routine from okay… to outstanding! If glowing, healthy skin is a priority in your life, then you absolutely need one of these beauty-tech gems. Whatever your skin type, lifestyle or budget, there’s a LUNA for you.  



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Kerry A Krebs 08/02/2020

I have a Luna but can’t find my charger. Can you briefly explain what it is like?

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FOREO 17/02/2020

In reply to by Kerry A Krebs


If your device is rechargeable you were supposed to receive a USB charging port, if not, please write an email to customercare@foreo.com for further assistance.


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