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Event Horizon: UFO Spotted in Dubai

FOREO UFO Middle East Launch in Dubai
It’s skincare, but not as we know it… A who’s who of the Middle East’s brightest stars descended on V Hotel Dubai last week to witness the truly out-of-this-world launch of our simply stellar UFO supercharged 2-minute facial device! Featuring otherworldly hostesses, dazzling lights, and breathtaking performances, the event marked a close encounter with the future of skincare.

Welcome to Planet FOREO

From the outset, the UFO Middle East landing was an event like no other. On arrival, blue-skinned attendants ushered guests into a mysterious holding area. With intrigue running high, a portal dramatically opened up to reveal an alien dreamscape - and the setting for the region’s most exciting beauty tech launch to date! Close encounters in Dubai As guests took in their dramatic surroundings, neon-hued creatures floated between tables with tasty morsels and drinks, all to the sound of world-renowned DJ, Sabrina Terence. But no sooner had the assembled influencers, celebs, media friends and FOREO fans relaxed, the space was plunged into darkness...

What The FOREO??!

Because experience is everything, partygoers next found themselves immersed in a rotation of red, green, and blue lights to mimic the UFO supercharged facial’s game-changing LED phototherapy functionality. This quite literally set the stage for a truly mind-blowing operatic performance, making for a dramatic crescendo to an evening that was all about new sensations, and welcoming a new era of at-home skincare.

We’re Obsessed!

UFO is an abbreviation of Ur Future Obsession - and in Dubai, it wasn’t hard to see why! Guests jumped at the chance to get hands-on with the game-changing gadget, with influencers including Marwa Hassan, Nawras Sattar and Hadia Ghaleb posting throughout the evening. sonya_miro checking out UFO As well as the device itself, FOREO unveiled its exciting range of UFO-Activated Masks, each tailor-made to cater to specific skin requirements. Happily, for the region’s legions of FOREO fans, both are now available in Sephora stores across the Middle East!  

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