Ask a dermatologist: What are the 3 fundamentals of anti-aging?

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Dr Costi

Dr. Costi is revealing secret how to keep forever young look

For thousands of years, there has been one question that humanity has been obsessed with and never stopped working for: how do we get youthful, smooth and glowing skin that lasts a lifetime?

With the development of new technologies and the amazing skincare breakthroughs, we are getting closer and closer to a solution, but on this long journey, there are staples that have remained the same as the years of research have gone by. 

To guarantee a new age for your skin, you can start with the basic pillars of any anti-aging regimen, which we have asked for the dermatologist, Dr. Costi to define.

Start early with anti-aging skincare routine

Although we can’t stop our skin from aging, we can still slow it down. And that’s our best option so far, by starting early.

Most people will start taking care of their skin once they notice the appearance of small lines and fine wrinkles, but that’s already late.

Using anti-aging skincare and gadgets should be started in our 20s, and there is a wide variety of  anti-aging products depending on your skin type and environment you live in.

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A shift in your lifestyle, diet, and exercise will primarily improve your skin, as well as using sunscreen in summer and winter. Furthermore, there is a wide array of natural care, home treatments as well as technological gadgets now available for you to choose, so you don’t have an excuse. 

Deep cleansing for glowing and youthful skin

Wiping your face with a cleansing wipe does not count as cleaning (unless you’re in a terrible hurry or very lazy!). Indeed, our daily exposure to pollution leads to the formation of free radicals that accumulate on the skin leading to blackheads and whiteheads (by blocking our pores).

Exposed to sun, humidity, and pollutants, it is necessary to deep clean your face, and a great way to do it is with a sonic facial cleansing device. The process of sonic cleansing is more thorough than just exfoliating by gently rubbing your skin with a product: it is designed to penetrate deep into the layers of your skin for a strong cleansing.  Let’s put it this way: it is life-changing.

Now you are probably wondering, which device to choose? I would suggest FOREO’s facial cleansing devices. These facial cleansing brushes are more hygienic compared to nylon and also include T-sonic pulsations which help dead skin cells get to the surface to eliminate the impurities that are accumulated inside the skin pores.

T-sonic pulsations are essential to keep the moisture in the skin, because they are transmitted through the silicone touch-points, and they work by gently cleansing the deep layers of the skin and stimulating blood circulation. 

Regular massaging to avoid future wrinkles

There is nothing better than a professional massage session to reveal that beautiful glowing face, especially before the holidays or a special occasion. 

But here is a more practical option for us, and one that we need to start applying more often. Massaging should not be a special treat, it should be something we do often to keep our face tight and rejuvenated.

It is, in fact, one of the best tricks to stimulate collagen and decrease any puffiness under our eyes, as well as improving the absorption of skincare products which is really important to get the best results out of them. 

Combining the professional care of the clinic and the ease of use at home, I would recommend FOREO massagers for the perfect firming massage to increase blood circulation and oxygen flow in the skin, this gets rid of free radicals on your skin. Using this feature also loosens tense muscles, therefore reducing wrinkles & having an anti-aging effect. When used in conjunction with the appropriate cream for your skin type, it is your perfect weapon to smooth out fine lines, refine and even out your skin for an even-looking complexion.  


And there you have it. You’re equipped with knowledge as well as the perfect tools to fight aging: now go and win the fight!


Energetic, passionate, and relentlessly dedicated to support his patients, Dr. Constantin El Habr, known as Dr. Costi, is Lebanese dermatologist who has been a pioneer in bringing teledermatology (or online skin care) to Lebanon.  His clinical experience was completed at prominent international medical schools and clinics in the United States, and Germany, such as, Yale Medical School, Urticaria and Skin Allergy Clinic’s Charite, Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Harvard School of Medicine.

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