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Cleansing guide for winter skin

In partnership with Korres

Come rain, hail or shine, some things stay the same and you will always find me reaching for my LUNA 3 everyday of the year. It's important to take care of our skin all year round but in winter we need to take particular care to keep hydrated and that all begins with the perfect cleanse to ensure hydrating ingredients reach deep into the skin. LUNA 3 does exactly that, removing up to 99.5% of dirt oil, bacteria and dead skin cells while also offering a firming massage that enhances absorption of your winter skincare essentials. Like many others, as the seasons change, so do my skin needs and this presents an opportunity to try new cleansers with my favourite sonic cleansing device. The crisp winter wind outside and exposure to heaters inside fight to take the moisture out of my already dry skin. For me this means swapping lighter textured skin care products for more nourishing cream textures that will soothe and lock in hydration during the cooler weather. With this in mind, I trialled two cleansers from the Greek Beauty brand, Korres. [caption id="attachment_9756" align="alignnone" width="850"] Kiera, our Education Manager, pairs her LUNA 3 with two Korres cleansers for winter.[/caption]

The daily cleanser for probiotic rich, hydration

The first cleanser put to the test was the Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser. Greek yogurt is a daily breakfast staple of mine so I was intrigued to learn that this generations-old essential also offers a plethora of benefits in skincare. Traditionally used by grandmothers to soothe inflamed, irritated skin, this Mediterranean superfood is probiotic rich and packed with the nutrients your skin is craving. Due to its high level of pre and probiotics, protein, vitamins and nutrients, greek yoghurt is the perfect cleansing companion to nourish skin back to its most healthy state. I used Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cleanser daily with LUNA 3’s T-sonic technology to enhance product absorption and ensure moisture is locked-in to keep skin hydrated for even longer. A little of this product goes a long way and together with LUNA 3’s soft silicone bristles it creates a super creamy foam that nourishes, reduces redness and tones skin. [caption id="attachment_9757" align="alignnone" width="850"] For a daily cleanse, Kiera pairs the Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser and LUNA 3 (combination skin).[/caption]  

The detox cleanse for congested skin

Next up, Olympus Tea Cleansing Foaming Cream. Olympus Tea is another ingredient that does wonders for the body both inside and out. Grown in the foothills of Mount Olympus, where it’s said that the Gods lived, this organically grown tea is carefully handpicked and used to revitalize the skin and soul. Known for its detoxifying properties, this Greek mountain tea has been a traditional herbal remedy for generations. This foaming cream cleanser is perfect on days when I feel my skin needs a deeper detox to help with congestion and product build up. Every Sunday evening I treat my skin to a mini pamper session and the Olympus Green Tea Cleansing Foaming Cream fits seamlessly into this routine. Beginning with LUNA 3 and Olympus Green Tea Cleansing Foaming Cream for a one minute deep cleanse I then follow with a UFO Activated Mask and finish with a rich moisturiser applied with LUNA 3’s massage mode. Together LUNA 3 and Olympus Green Tea Cleansing Foaming Cream prepare my skin to best absorb the important hydration that follows. All skin is different and you may choose to incorporate both cleansers into your winter skincare routine or they also work wonders when used on their own. Choose Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser for dry, stressed skin in need of nourishment and Olympus Tea Foaming Cream Cleanser for congested, dull skin in need of a detox.

For the double cleansers out there...

For those who prefer a double cleanse first use Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser to remove your makeup, lock in hydration, tone complexion and reduce redness. Follow with LUNA 3 and Olympus Tea Foaming Cream Cleanser to deeply detox and cleanse product build up. Alternatively you may opt for just one to suit your needs, Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser for dry, stressed skin in need of nourishment and Olympus Tea Foaming Cream Cleanser for congested, dull skin in need of a detox.   Feeling inspired?  If you've found this guide to winter cleansing useful, and want to try out LUNA 3 and Korres cleansers yourself, check them out here:

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