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Face Time: Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial Massage
It's time you get to work.

Stimulating face muscles with a facial massage helps with wrinkles, de-puffs, lifts and sculpts the face. Whether you use your hands or devices, the result is more radiant healthier-looking skin.

If you’re not already massaging your face every time you use your lotions & potions – you really should. And fast.

Why is this important? Face is a body area with a whopping 43 muscles that need constant stimulation to “wake up” and do the work they are supposed to be performing. Basically, you need your face to join a face gym – if you don’t work them they become sluggish and lazy resulting in saggy, puffy skin.  Have you seen the skin of opera singers, or pretty much any professional singer? They stay looking younger for so much longer, and look virtually wrinkle free thanks to their face muscles being in constant - emphasis on the constant - use.

Facial massage helps bring oxygen to the skin’s blood vessels which increases collagen production, leading to a healthy and natural glow. You’re basically helping your skin fight wrinkles! Massages also helps drain away tension and fluid in your face as well as lift and sculpt your muscles, so on the days you wake up puffy you know what to do!

LUNA 2 facial massager

If you want to maintain the effect you get at a professional salon at home, set aside about 15 minutes several times per week for a manual massage with your hands or with a manual roller, or invest in an electric versions with sonic pulsations that cuts your time massaging down to just a minute or two. Not only are you waking up your muscles, you’re also improving the efficacy of your skin care products because you work them deeper into the skin. Given massage is used in therapeutic practices, the health benefits of LUNA translate to a more glowing complexion. If you don’t skip the workouts (it’s the same as a gym membership, we know) soon you can hope to have the skin that is as supple and smooth as that of... Beyonce!

So, now that we’ve convinced you to dedicate some extra time to your visage, how do you go about it?

Face Massage

Follow these simple steps and reward your face with a genuine spa-like skin therapy experience!

  • apply your favorite hydrating product
  • apply medium pressure or turn on your LUNA and start from the bottom of your face and massage upwards to the cheek area
  • soft circular movements inwards and outwards
  • if you want to go the extra mile, try these exercises as well

And of course, have fun doing it!

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