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Pretty Young Thing: I Used FOREO’s Youth Junkie Mask for 7 Days

Because I’m not getting any younger.   Usually, an anti-aging mask would be a once-in-a-while skincare delicacy reserved for weekends when I have time for a marathon Netflix sesh, but since UFO only takes 90 seconds, I can bathe my haggard 30-something face in virgin’s blood on the reg. And by virgin’s blood I mean collagen, which is probably better for your skin and much easier to procure. For your reading pleasure, I decided to take one of FOREO’s new advanced masks, Youth Junkie, for a week-long test drive and see if I could make my skin look like my college tanning bed phase never happened. Step 1: Prep Thermo-Therapy and revitalizing red LED light prep the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask essence. Step 2: Renew Red LED helps reduce the appearance of fine lines while Thermo-Therapy and T-Sonic pulsations help mask serum penetrate into the skin. Step 3: Nourish As this facial treatment comes to a close, heat and pulsations gradually reduce while red LED leaves you with radiant looking skin.  

Days 1-3

As someone who has shocked many a facialist with my skin’s absolute lack of moisture, it took a few treatments to get things well and hydrated. But each time I used Youth Junkie, I was surprised to find that the collagen-infused essence is so rich and milky that my face immediately felt soft, smooth and supple.  

Day 4

I never wash my face in the morning - just spritz a bit of fancy French spring water to help me wake up. I would usually follow with my daily moisturizer, but my skin already looked dewy and well-rested, so I went straight for the SPF and then out the door.  

Day 5

After a full week at work, I reveled in the heated facial massage courtesy of my UFO mini, as my skin drank from FOREO’s sweet, sweet fountain of Youth Junkie. Normally, I would perform my skincare rituals in secret, but now I can mask in front of my boyfriend without striking fear in his heart.  

Day 6

A last-minute party invite meant I only had 20 minutes to take things from weekend athleisure wear to perfectly polished. I hadn’t masked yet, so I grabbed Youth Junkie for a quick 2-minute skin makeover, and later that night basked in the glory of the glow when a friend commented on how great my skin looked.   Day 7 I know an anti-aging mask can only take you so far - proper hydration and nutrition are the foundation of a timeless complexion - but by the end of the week, Youth Junkie helped me turn back the clock at least a few minutes. I’ve officially made it a part of my top shelf lineup.  

Is Youth Junkie Right for You?

If you’re looking for a collagen mask to combat the early signs of aging and want the added anti-aging benefits of LED light therapy, then UFO-Activated Youth Junkie is The One you’ve been waiting for.

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