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What does a dermatologist think about UFO

Check out why Dr. Lana Kashlan is a huge fan of UFO device One of the biggest trends in beauty in the last few years has been the sheet mask craze and the UFO from FOREO  took it to a whole other level. But there's so much more to this tiny but mighty device. The UFO Supercharged 2-minute Facial Treatment combines the benefits of LED light therapy, T-Sonic pulsations, Thermo and Cryo-therapy, all of which bring home the professional-level spa experience. Essentially, it is a device that combines hot and cold temperatures, T-sonic pulsations and LED light wavelengths, all customizable for your skincare needs.  This product is completely unique because it combines all of the best technologies that we use in the clinic and that we know to be effective in terms of anti-aging, fighting acne, and calming the skin, all in one small handheld device. 

Innovative LED lights

As a dermatologist, I’m always focused on the science behind new beauty and skincare trends. Light Emitting Diode (LED) light therapy has become increasingly popular amongst the skincare community because there is quite a bit of data supporting its benefits on the skin. Essentially, when you expose the skin to different wavelengths of light a variety of biochemical processes are triggered. The effect of the light depends on its wavelength and the depth of penetration. LED therapy is a great treatment option because it is non-invasive and quite safe, although best results require multiple sessions. There are many at-home LED devices, but UFO is a standout amongst home LED products because other devices are usually full face masks that have been associated with ocular damage, while the handheld UFO is safe from such a risk. 

But what about UFO-activated face masks?

This is where I think the UFO from FOREO is fantastic because it allows you to get the hydrating benefits of sheet masks, without having to lay still for several minutes and try not to drip the serum everywhere. When you slip the little round sheet into the UFO it prevents any dripping or excess serum from being lost and the timer on the treatment allows me to maximize the efficiency of my skincare routine and still feel like I’m being pampered. 

Testing UFO power masks

Hyaluronic Acid masks are going to be really hydrating because hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizers. Look for masks that have antioxidants to help brighten the skin and reverse the damage that’s done by environmental toxins and UV exposure. UFO and UFO-Activated Masks Similarly, the Glow Addict Mask from FOREO is packed with Niacinamide which helps to reduce pore size. improve uneven skin tone, and reduce dullness.  I love the combination found in the Shimmer Freak because there is niacinamide for brightening and then caffeine for reducing puffiness and dark circles. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor, meaning that it shrinks the smallest blood vessels in the skin, and so extra puffiness around the eyes disappears when you use caffeine-based products. What do you think about beauty-tech innovations in skincare? Have you already tried some? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

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