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Putting UFO 2 to the test

As soon as it hits June in Melbourne, the nudie dash from the shower to one’s towel becomes painfully colder. For some reason, the sharp, cold air has the audacity to try and strip every drop of hydration from my skin. And as someone who has lived with oily, pimply skin for most of my teenage and adult life - it says a lot.  One of the many perks of working in skin care, especially at FOREO, is that I get to be a human guinea pig and embark on the journey towards solving some of my niggling skincare concerns. This time round I’ll be trialling the supercharged facial masking device, UFO 2, that combines thermotherapy, cryotherapy and full-spectrum LED light therapy to infuse FOREO’s range of serum drenched, ultra hydrating masks. Over the course of a week I’ll be slotting in tailored facial masking treatments with my UFO 2 for hyper infused hydration that only skin tech can provide. 

Monday Morning with Make My Day Mask + UFO 2

After double cleansing with my LUNA Mini 3 and my favourite CeraVe hydrating and foaming cleansers, it is time for the second step: serum-y hydration with the Make My Day Mask and UFO 2. Before I worked at FOREO and acquired my very own UFO 2, I would pat hyaluronic acid serum onto my face every time after cleansing. Why hyaluronic acid you ask? It is a humectant that attracts and retains the hydrating benefits of the serums and moisturisers that proceed it in one’s skin care routine. The hyaluronic acid and red algae formulation of the Make My Day Mask applied with my UFO 2 is the perfect, albeit very lush way to infuse the hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid deeper into my skin and to kick start my morning skin care routine.

THE RESULT: Hydrated

As someone who resembles the personality of a sloth in the mornings, applying the Make My Day Mask with the UFO 2 was absolutely divine. The warmth of the thermotherapy emitted by my UFO 2 was the loveliest way to ease into the day. Once the 90 second treatment was over and I patted the remaining serum into my skin, I bore witness to the true dewy, plump hydrated-ness that this mask and the innovative little device creates. The UFO 2 has been clinically proven to increase moisture levels by 126% after just one treatment, and after experiencing this myself, I completely felt the effect of it.  

Wednesday Study Days with Acai Berry Mask + UFO 2 

As part of being a multifaceted human, this year I decided to embark on studying visual art at university (part time). Whilst I wouldn’t trade my work and the privilege to study something that I love for the world, all these activities and the added weight of looming assignments has taken a toll on my stress levels. And my skin feels it too. You only have to look at the enduring red zit on my forehead to see how my stress induced chocolate habits manifested onto my skin.   Wednesdays is my uni day, so in between writing my final essay and going to a practical tutorial, I’ve taken the liberty of treating my skin to a bit of a refresh with the Acai Berry Mask and my UFO 2 THE RESULT: Refreshed As unscientific as this sounds, the masking treatment felt like eating an acai bowl on a 35 degree summer day after swimming and ingesting too much sea water. It felt oh so refreshing!  The acai berry and shea butter formula of the mask combined with the pre-programed facial routine in the UFO 2 helped to smooth my skin and give it a bit more elasticity and glow. In this case, the before and after images really speak for themselves.  

Friday Night BFF Pamper session with Call It a Night Mask + UFO 2

On Friday night with nowhere to go due to yet another Victoria wide lock down, a house mate pamper session with the UFO 2 and Call It a Night Mask was in order. Tilly, my housemate, best friend and Anne Hathaway’s Doppelganger, enthusiastically chose to be the human guinea pig for a Call It a Night facial treatment. Even though I used the Call It a Night mask too, I think you’ve seen enough of my head for a while. So now it is Tilly’s turn to be in the spotlight!   THE RESULT: Relaxed Glazed Doughnut Now, I can’t personally reflect upon Tilly’s UFO 2 facial experience as I was simply the observer. But I have to admit, Tilly’s reaction to the Call It a Night Mask and UFO 2 facial treatment was rather joy inducing. As a complete newbie to the world of skin tech, Tilly loved the soothing thermotherapy and T-Sonic pulsations that made the entire experience feel like a “nice massage.” And in her eyes, she loved that afterwards her skin mimicked that of a glazed doughnut - something that every skin care lover dreams of!  

The Verdict

I’m addicted to my UFO 2. Tilly is also requesting to borrow my UFO 2 on the reg (and of course I say yes). I think that I can say with confidence that the UFO 2 and FOREO masking range is the bougie skin care treatment that I never knew I needed until now.   

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