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Rituals: In Conversation with Skinfluencer, Roj

On the blog today, we have the delight of chatting to the incredible lawyer by day, skin influencer by night - Roj. From skincare routines, to her favourite FOREO devices, we'll be getting to the bottom of Roj's gorgeously glowy skin.

We’d love for you to share the rituals that you use to enrich your life?

"I’m a very busy person- a day for me can sometimes never end. And I say that with no ounce of negative energy because a big ritual for me is my mental health and how I perceive things. By that I mean- I know that I am only this busy because I made it this way. I’m the person who committed to doing it all, so there’s no point in being angry at a situation or at anyone, because it’s all in my own control. So, with that said, I don’t think of how to do something or how to go about my day, I just get up and I just do it. This might not work for everyone, but for me it works, and I love every day. I’m also a big believer of not depriving my body and mind of the energy that it wants. So, I make sure that I always have a positive activity, in each day to keep the momentum going. It doesn’t have to be something that involves a lot of time because that often makes it unachievable for me because I am so time poor. So, it can be as small as buying myself anything I want from the vending machine to snack on while I work, Uber eats-ing large fries ordering myself a new shirt online with express shipping. I don’t see this as a ‘reward’ because if I treated myself every 2 minutes, my life would never move forward.  So no, it’s not a reward or a cheat day, it’s more so my way of letting a certain aspect of my life be free of rules, so that everyday my mind can work in a comfortable setting all day long (lol)."

We are dying to know, what does your daily skin care routine look like and how does FOREO fit into this?

"For me, every day is different, mainly because I am always trialling products or because it may be a day that I’m not using a particular ingredient (e.g. vitamin A). But regardless of the day, my methods and mantras stay the same:
  • I worship my skin- after all, it is the largest organ in my body, so I need to love it like it deserves it.
  • I believe in forming a routine and maintaining good habits – e.g., cleansing to me is very important. I always say it and I will always maintain that- cleanse like your life depends on it. I see cleansing as the foundation of everything else I do, by getting that right, I know that I’m giving my skin the absolute best starting point.
  • I refuse to believe in skin types. I think it’s an outdated way of thinking. Skin changes daily and so I wake up every day and look at my skin, I think of what it needs that day/week and I treat it accordingly.
  • I devote 2 or 3 minutes a day to my skin. Look- I’m a full time lawyer and I skin-educate my audience on the side. If anyone knows a thing or two about being time poor, I am definitely one of those people. All I expect from myself is to give my largest organ 2 to 3 minutes every day and hopefully it will love me back.
  • I don’t let it get overwhelming. If I find it is, I pull it all right back and reassess my choices.
So, when we look at the above, you get a mix of me- being time poor, wanting to always elevate my skincare and having a sustainable routine. And that’s where my FOREO devices fit in. Whether it be cleansing daily with my FOREO LUNA 3 Plus or doing a quick microcurrent session while I cleanse with my FOREO LUNA 3 Plus. Maybe I need a quick 2-minute mask before I dash out the door, so I grab my UFO 2- it is these devices that help me maintain an enjoyable and fast routine every day."

What is your favourite FOREO device?

"Surely you aren’t allowed to ask this?! It would be like picking between my not yet existent kids… I’d probably have to go with my FOREO LUNA 3 Plus or the UFO 2. I say these because they are both devices that do more than just 1 or 2 things. They each have at least 3 functions. And anyone like me who is time poor and works so hard for a dime, knows exactly how much we appreciate purposeful and multifaceted items."

As a brand, we believe in skin confidence, not skin perfection. Are there any particular routines, rituals or products that you can attribute to you feeling more confident in the skin you're in?

#1: "SPF is your BFF. If anyone tells you otherwise, they’re trying to ruin your skin. Get one that’s SPF 30 and over." #2: "Cleanse every night & day like your life depends on it. Your skincare won't work if it can't reach your skin through the dirt." #3: "Your skin is the first thing anyone sees and it’s your largest organ. Love it, spend on it, be kind to it, care for it." #4: "Don’t forget your neck. We can't be falling apart that close to the face." #5: "Skincare = Prevention. It’s harder to undo the damage than it is to prevent it. So why not start early?" #6: "Stay hydrated - seriously, just get it in you. Trust me your skin will thank you for it." #7: "Always apply your eye products first. Wearing it last is like wearing your undies on top of your trousers. Pointless but still a look." #8: "Use your eye products on your neck and smile lines. Why? Cause it works." #9: "And lastly- always ask questions and stay skin informed. If you think you need something, don’t let the store counter tell you otherwise because chances are you actually know enough about skincare to make that judgment yourself. Be confident."   Love Roj as much as we do? Go check out her night time routine with FOREO here or visit her Instagram page. If Roj has sparked your interest in LUNA 3 Plus and UFO 2, you can find more information about both of these devices below:

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