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I Convinced My Boyfriend to Test New FOREO Products & This is What Happened

At FOREO, boyfriends are the new lab rats. My guy is by no means a caveman - he owns a smoking jacket for pete’s sake. He’s always well-dressed and accessorized with the newest, coolest gadgets the tech world has to offer. But when it comes to skincare, even using a facial cleanser is one step too many for him, so my access to premium beauty tech has never really been of interest. Until I brought home an ISSA 2.   Seeing my stunner of a sonic toothbrush sitting next to his run-of-the-mill manual model was a bit of an eye-opener, and a new FOREO fan was born. First came the casual hint-dropping about how much he liked mine, then things progressed to a more direct “Can I have one of those?” So when a sleek black ISSA 2 of his very own showed up on the bathroom counter, he was thrilled. Who knew a toothbrush could earn you some major girlfriend points?   But dental hygiene is one thing - facial treatments are another entirely. I wondered...could he be as enthusiastic about primo skincare? When the product development team put out a call for male UFO testers a few months back, I decided to find out. Bear in mind, this is a man who has maybe used a moisturizer five times in his life - but after I sang the praises of UFO and all its skin-perfecting glory, he couldn’t wait to get his glow on. Just kidding. I told him it only takes 90 seconds and he grudgingly agreed to take it for a spin.   After I patiently explained how the whole thing works, he got started. First impressions? “Yeah, the heat feels good.” Rave review! Just when I started to think I had won him over to the concept of self-care, we hit a bump in the road. “It takes too long.” Oh, the irony. Apparently even the world’s fastest mask treatment seems to drag on for an eternity when your usual skincare routine takes literally no time. But ever-faithful, he continued using it every day for the remainder of the test run. And though his skin was remarkably softer, smoother, and healthier-looking, he abandoned UFO and all hope was lost - or so I thought.   The morning of a rather important work event, he approached me with a beautiful question, “Do you have any more of those masks?” I showed him my stash of UFO Activated Masks while attempting to hide my self-satisfied smile. My work here was done.   Though it’s unlikely to become a part of his daily routine, FOREO UFO is officially the treat-yo-self skincare experience even boyfriends will enjoy from time to time.

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