Give a (wo)man a mask, and (s)he will…
Go insane with joy and love you forever… if it works.
Today, we’re breaking down UFO™ Advanced Collection face masks according to skin types, needs, and preferences, including the testimonials from those who have already tried and tested (and loved) them. Let’s get started with smart masking:

The 20 Minutes Mask Myth

Why should masking take 20 minutes? Who told us that, and why did we listen? Presumably, it is a problem of delayed penetration of active ingredients into the skin. There is nothing wrong in wanting to chill for 20 minutes of me-time if you’ve got it. Me-time is like publicity, good either way – if and when you can get it. But back to our beaten-by-life faces. If there is little to no penetration (we’re all immature enough to giggle), you’re wasting most of the essence on the surface, no matter how long you keep the mask on. 

There is a better way to get the best out of a mask, so for the complete novices to the UFO phenomenon joining us here today – Hi, hello, welcome – we’ll just zip through the basics of how UFO™ & UFO™ Activated masks symbiosis works. We use fancy words like symbiosis because we feel posh doing so, because it is true, and because the technology IS fancy, but the use and the principle are quite straightforward. Just clip the mask into the device, and you’re on your way.


What Is UFO™?

Well, you can go get a facial at the salon or have one at home. You might have already googled the “foreo ufo before and after” and have seen what it does. But what is it?
UFO™ packs 5 technologies (4, if you choose the mini version with no cooling function) into a palm-sized device. It is the skincare Swiss Army knife (but from Sweden) combining – ultra-fast warming (5 times faster than the 1st generation, thank you very much), cooling, T-Sonic™ pulsations for a relaxing facial massage, and a microcirculation boost while pushing the mask ingredients deep into the skin where they can do their job, and 8 LED lights adapted to specific masks and skin needs. And we can use the pre-programmed app treatment routines – unique to each FOREO mask – or create a personalized one if we’re so inspired. It’s me-time.
Masking with UFO™ is also ridiculously hydrating and, as we know, healthy = hydration, and aging = drying out. UFO™ improves skin moisture by 126% after only 90 seconds; nothing gets wasted on the surface, and the white lab coat squad has also proven it to reduce the appearance of wrinkles in a week (A lot to do with that “aging = drying out” thing).
But wowzapoloozas aside, it’s good and feels like that day alone you get after you’ve been with people 24/7 for what seems like forever.


What Are FOREO Masks?

UFO™ FOREO face mask craze is real. They are these divine individual-sachet-packed things with concentrated, extreme efficacy formulas and exclusive premium, clean, clinically-proven plant & fruit extracts – and there’s a bucket of them for your bucket list. 

The wide collection spans the basic AM-PM Daily Duo, The Advanced Collection targeting specific skin issues, and the Farm To Face collection which is a mask version of the Farm-To-Table principle, extremely high in natural-origin ingredients. Aaand the Farm To Face masks also come as the world’s first dual-mode sheet mask.


What Is the Advanced Mask Collection?

Advanced in name and spirit alike, every mask in the collection has a few things in common.

  • Vitamin & nutrient-rich to deeply hydrate, restore & replenish
  • Effective from the first use
  • Routines with UFO™ tech tailored to maximize the efficacy of each formula
  • Clean & safe face mask skin care without an extensive list of blacklisted ingredients
  • No parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, disodium EDTA, and Mineral Oil
  • Dermatologically tested & cruelty-free (rabbits raise the roof, the roof is on fire… they will take over one day and burn the moth… well, that escalated quickly)
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Infused into biodegradable Tencel fabric – 10 x more bacteria-resistant & 50% greater moisture absorption than cotton 
  • Ultra-hygienic, supersaturated, and easy-glide 
  • 89 – 93% of naturally-sourced ingredients
  • Compatible with all UFO™ & UFO™ mini devices
  • 6 mask sachets per packaging


Which Advanced Collection FOREO Face Mask to Choose?

Eeny, meany, miny, moe – the stellar method of selection employed by everyone with a childhood might have worked fine on the jungle Jim, but once we know better, we’re obligated to do better (annoying, I know), so here are the basics to fuel your informed choice smug smiles.

The Advanced collection features 5 formulas: 

  • Matte Maniac – Best mattifying mask
  • Glow Addict – Best face mask for glowing skin
  • H2Overdose – Best hydrating face mask
  • Shimmer Freak – Brightening and moisturizing face mask for dark circles
  • Youth Junkie – Face mask for sensitive skin and aging

We’ve asked our colleagues around the office about their favorites from the collection. Let’s take a closer look.


Matte Maniac

If you get so oily and shiny you could charge tickets for people to come and dance below your disco-ball forehead an hour after you’ve washed your face.

WHAT IT DOES: Thoroughly purifies & mattifies to calm down & balance oily skin

KEY ACTIVES: Charcoal + Witch Hazel + Centella Asiatica + Snow Lotus + Chrysanthemum  

IDEAL FOR: Blemish-prone oily skin with excess sebum production

TREATMENT TIME: 90 seconds





I’ve always been obsessed with skincare, and I can’t remember a day passing by without putting at least 5 to 6 products on my face both in the morning and before going to bed. If there’s one thing that I’ve never been crazy about, though, it’s face masks. After spending 15 minutes on your skincare routine, who wants to wait 20 more minutes for a sheet mask to have a good result? Well, UFO – with its 90-second running time – really changed my life! I’m in love with it and with all of the masks I’ve tried so far!

One particularly stole my heart from the very first moment I tried it: Matte Maniac.

My skin tends to be pretty oily, and after using this powerful mask, I actually see the result I have been looking for for so long: my skin looks amazing. And by that I mean well hydrated, moisturized, but most importantly, naturally glowing without being greasy. This result lasts for so long that after using it I don’t feel the need to put a face moisturizer on!

The last time this mask proved its worth? After my last flight. I used it right before getting off the plane and it was much-needed after hours spent in the dry air of a plane. I went from a coach complexion to first-class skin in 90 seconds flat.

Federica Pizzinato


Glow Addict

If your skin feels so dull and lustreless as a 12-hour lecture on broken boilers not covered by insurance given by someone with a voice span of 2 tones and a total disregard for interpunction. 

WHAT IT DOES: Provides advanced radiance boost for a healthy glow

KEY ACTIVES: Pearl Extract + Niacinamide + Vitamin E & C + Jojoba Oil  

IDEAL FOR: Dull, lifeless skin battling the loss of natural radiance

TREATMENT TIME: 90 seconds


VEGAN?: No (due to Pearl Extract)



Living in an urban environment has definitely taken a toll on my very sensitive skin. The air pollution and hard water have bestowed their gifts upon me – new breakouts, enlarged pores, and a constant sheen. 

For that reason, I’ve been shying away from any products promising me a glow. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of glowy skin. A lit-from-within radiance is the ultimate skin goal. I’m just not trying to highlight the unwelcome shine already on my face, so I’ve made it my mission in these past months to avoid a glow at all costs. This has meant mattifying, powdering, and blotting. 

So, I was skeptical of how my skin would react to a mask called Glow Addict. And yet, here I am… HOOKED. My face stays bright and dewy all day. Not in the sweaty, wet-looking way I’d grown to expect from my skin, but in a radiant, healthy way. It made me look like myself, pre-pollution. My face looked matte but vibrant. It looks like I’ve been getting a full 8 hours of sleep per night, which definitely isn’t true.

Eliza Mills



If your face feels uncomfortably tight, like those pants from 10 years ago that you tried to get into the other day, and you’re channeling your inner reptile, flaking all over the place.

WHAT IT DOES: Intensely moisturizes, soothes & replenishes the natural barrier

KEY ACTIVES: Hyaluronic Acid + Snow Mushroom + Ceramide + Vitamin E & B5

IDEAL FOR: Extremely dull, dry & flaky skin that needs an instant hydration boost






We’ve all tried at least one moisturizing mask – aka the foundation of a well-rounded skincare routine – and we each have our favorite brands and textures, so finding one that stands out in such a crowd can be incredibly difficult. What I really love about H2Overdose is the light, milky texture that perfectly plumps the skin and leaves a soft, glowy finish. Ultimately, your skin feels comfortable and is ready for whatever comes next in your skincare routine.

The first time I tried it, it was back in the cold, dreary days of winter, and it worked like a charm. Even on hot, humid summer days, it still does the job without feeling too rich or greasy. It’s the little black dress of masks – always relevant.

Lea Couchellou


Shimmer Freak

If you refuse to make peace with the cruel fate that dealt you this Ernest always-sporting-dark-circles-have-been-awake-for-centuries card.

WHAT IT DOES: Instantly illuminates & refreshes the delicate eye contour 

KEY ACTIVES: Caffeine + Rose Water + Niacinamide + Vitamin B5 + Cranberry Extract 

IDEAL FOR: Tired eyes with dark circles, puffiness & fine lines

TREATMENT TIME: 90 seconds





I’m one of those people with 12 different concealers and dark circle correctors on hand at any given moment, so when I heard that FOREO was making a caffeine-infused UFO Activated eye mask, I jumped at the chance to try it. Giving my under-eyes a boost of energy and a smooth, shimmery finish, the Shimmer Freak mask is the perfect addition to my morning skincare routine.

Mollie Snyder


Youth Junkie


If your birth year is showing, you are softly humming, “Who wants to live forever?” someone recently called you ma’am (and not in a good howdy-cowboy way), and you know you’re too chicken to go under the knife. 

WHAT IT DOES: Intensely renews, plumps & firms for a youthful complexion

KEY ACTIVES:Collagen + Peptides + Shea Butter + Olive & Jojoba Oil  

IDEAL FOR: Restoring youthful freshness & elasticity to dry skin with fine lines






I recently celebrated turning the big 3-0, which means I’m suddenly interested in any skincare product that remotely references the aging process. I’m a bit too hippy-dippy to do Botox, lasers, or anything scary and invasive, but I’ll gladly pickle myself if it means smooth, ageless skin, so going through my top shelf is like some warped remix of “Part of Your World.”

I’ve got acids and ceramides aplenty. I’ve got wrinkle creams and serums galore. You want retinols? I’ve got twenty…

And just like Ariel, I want more. So when the FOREO product development team put a sample of the new Youth Junkie mask in my hands, I was all about it. A collagen facial treatment with no needles involved? Yes, please. Plus, the corresponding UFO routine features 2 minutes of red LED light, which is basically like telling fine lines and wrinkles, NOT TODAY, SATAN.

Look out, 40, here I come.

Katie Steadman