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Face to Face: Comparing UFO™ 3 and UFO™ 3 mini

FOREO UFO 3 mini device in pearl pink color standing by UFO 3 device in arctic blue color

As we age, our skin loses moisture. When we're dehydrated, our skin loses moisture. When we're working in an air-conditioned space, our skin loses moisture.  Except for the obvious: drinking plenty of water, having a healthy diet, and using a topical that works for your skin, there's something else you can do to regain skin moisture. Enter deep facial hydration devices: UFO™ 3 and UFO™ 3 mini both offer at-home but out-of-this-world facial treatments, and we're here to explain what's the difference between UFO™ 3 and UFO™ 3 mini and help you decide which one is the right for you. Also, this Mother's Day, we're treating our MYSA readers with 30% off on all FOREO products with the code MOM30. The promotion is valid until June 3, 2024. 

What Is UFO™ 3?

Properly hydrated skin acts as a natural barrier to external elements. On the opposite side, when the skin's structure is compromised, it's less resilient and more vulnerable to cracking and breaking - leading to wrinkles, blemishes, a dull complexion, inflammation, puffiness, under-eye circles, and sensitivity.   UFO™ 3 is the 90-second facial of your dreams - a deep facial hydration device that uses technology to push the active ingredients from your mask deep into the dermis, where they work best. Let us explain: remember how the aesthetician heats your face with steam before the treatment? That's where UFO™ 3 uses warming thermo-therapy to help the active ingredients from your mask absorb deep into the skin and thus provide a long-lasting hydration. And remember how cold compresses reduce puffiness on your face? That's where UFO™ 3 uses cooling cryo-therapy to firm and relieve the skin, visibly reduce puffiness, and minimize the pores.  Then there is the full spectrum LED therapy, a gentle, non-invasive way to rejuvenate and transform the skin - so it looks youthful, radiant, and revitalized. UFO™ 3 features a full spectrum of wavelengths to target different skin needs: from red LED, said to combat signs of skin aging, to blue LED, said to reduce the appearance of blemishes. To round up the treatment, gentle T-Sonic™ pulsations travel through the outer layers of the skin to gently massage the face, reduce muscle tension points, and smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It works like this. Choose a mask from one of the three UFO™ compatible mask collections:

And turn 20-minute facial treatments into 2-minute treats! Simple as that.  

UFO™ 3 Is Best for…

  • Skin that loses moisture easily - UFO™ 3 increases skin moisture by 126% in 2 minutes of treatment
  • Treating your skin to 5 anti-aging spa facials in the comfort of your bathroom (or bedroom! or your couch! that's the beauty of it!)
  • Skin prone to redness and puffiness - cooling cryo-therapy tackles both
  • Skin with enlarged pores - cooling cryo-therapy (again!) minimizes them
  • Reducing the look of wrinkles in 1 week of use
  • Ability to use the entire range of UFO™ smart mask treatments



What Is UFO™ 3 Mini?

UFO™ 3 mini is the Skipper to UFO™ 3's Barbie. A more affordable and more compact supercharged 2-minute facial treatment, UFO™ 3 mini features the same full-spectrum LED light therapy to refine your complexion, T-Sonic™ massage to boost circulation and relax tension points, and warming thermo-therapy to infuse nutrients deep into the skin. It is a quick and easy way to nourish and energize young skin, leaving it refreshed and emanating that healthy glow (we all want).   It doesn't, however, feature cooling cryo-therapy, and therefore couldn't be used with all UFO™ Activated Mask formulas, and isn't equipped to tackle redness, enlarged pores, and puffiness. To make it clear and simple, UFO™ 3 mini focuses on hydrating, relaxing, and refining the complexion of young skin, but when it comes to tackling already existing wrinkles and firming the skin, UFO™ 3 is the complete treatment you're looking for.  

UFO™ 3 Mini Is Best for…

  • Balancing and energizing young skin
  • Outachieving your regular sheet masks (working 10x faster in hydrating your skin)
  • Deeply nourishing your skin to prevent the first signs of aging
  • Putting in your purse and achieving that healthy glow anywhere, anytime
  • Reaping the benefits of spa-quality facials on a budget

  FOREO UFO 3 mini facial hydration device in pearl pink color; a blue box with FOREO Make my Day mask; a plate with two strawberries, an egg, a croissant, and an espresso; on a peach-colored surface


Should I Start With UFO™ 3 mini and See How It Works for Me?

Absolutely; if you haven't tried a deep facial hydration device before, a more economical, simpler version of UFO™ is a great way to start! It will, by all means, nourish and energize your skin instantly, and we have a hunch that you might just turn into a true UFO™ devotee. This can include moving onto the more equipped version of the device once you feel your skin needs to. Are you a proud user of any of the two devices? Share your experiences with our thirsty-skin bunch!



MYSA user avatar
Tarryn 12/10/2020

Random question... but what does the textured side of the Foreo UFO mini do?

MYSA user avatar
carly 16/10/2020

In reply to by Tarryn


This is for easy grip when controlling the use of the UFO Mini during the treatment :)

MYSA user avatar
Cindy 05/08/2021

I am about to buy an UFO mask treatment device; however, I am confused as too many colours to choose! Does the colour matter as Luna 3 devices? Thanks

MYSA user avatar
carly 06/08/2021

In reply to by Cindy


Dear Cindy, this is an interesting question. Kindly note that the UFO™ 2 colors do not represent a special skin type/purpose like LUNA™ 3 colors do. However, UFO™ 2 offers 8 different LED lights for different purposes. Please note that the benefits of each colored LED light are listed here: 1. Purple - reduces the appearance of fine lines, and boosts your skin's radiance. 2. White - tightens the appearance of skin and reduces your skin's puffiness. 3. Cyan - calms and relieves stressed skin. 4. Yellow - reduces the appearance of redness and soothes the skin. 5. Orange - revitalizes and awakens skin for a healthy glow. 6. Red - helps stimulate collagen production, which helps reduce signs of aging. It helps with erasing lines and wrinkles from your face. 7. Green - brightens up a dull complexion and helps even out your skin tone. It also assists in getting rid of redness and blotchiness and the like. 8. Blue - combats the bacteria that cause acne, and therefore aids in acne prevention. It also helps stimulate better blood circulation. Hope this helps! Best regards :D


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