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#DiscoverBrighterMusic: A Journey Through the World’s Coolest Festivals

Have you got that festival feeling?

We’ve all been there – halfway through your treadmill run or on your journey to a vacation spot and all your music is suddenly oh-so-worn-out and totally uninspiring. Why didn’t your friends give you some hot musical tips anticipating your ear fatigue?

Fear not, fellow music-enthusiast! With an insatiable hunger for fresh sounds FOREO is on a musical mission, to bring you the freshest beats from across the globe this summer.  We challenged some of our favorite FOREO Family brand ambassadors hailing from opposite sides of the world to join us on a summer tour of love- the likes you haven’t seen yet before- all in the hope to #DiscoverBrighterMusic.

11 different festivals, from Fuji Rock Festival in Japan, Untold in Romania, boutique electronic vibes at Kala in Albania, to arts & music feels via Waking Life in Portugal- we've got you covered! FOREO will discover 11 festivals in total, turning each into their summer dance floors as they offer the chance to discover something uplifting and exciting – just don’t forget your just don't forget your festival essentials!

Follow #DiscoverBrighterMusic and #FOREO to experience their incredible musical journey. Be sure to check out the #DiscoverBrighterMusic playlist on Deezer, with a selection of the best songs from our festival adventures, PLUS exclusive tunes from the editors at Deezer!

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