Two otherworldly beauty-tech devices go head to head.

Did you know that UFO stands for “Ur Future Obsession”? That is to say that all of FOREO’s UFO devices will change the way you do your skincare forever. Both UFO and UFO 2 (and their mini counterparts) use out-of-this-world technology to deliver more efficient facial treatments faster than ever before. But what makes UFO 2 stand out? Let’s go through the key differences between the new device and its predecessor.

Full Spectrum LED Light Therapy

The OG UFO device offered something truly life-changing. It incorporated LED Light Technology into skincare – that way you get the best that beauty-tech has to offer, all from the comfort of your home. UFO comes with red, green and blue LED lights. But how did we improve on this technology?

FOREO UFO mask device with changing ledled lights

We incorporated full spectrum LED Light Therapy. That means five additional light wavelengths with their unique benefits – calming, relieving, soothing, revitalizing, and more! And the best part is that this innovative technology helps treat your skin all while boosting the absorption of active ingredients. This ensures you get the most out of each supercharged facial treatment.

The More (benefits), The Merrier

Both devices come with built-in heating and cooling. The UFO 2 comes with ultra-fast heating – really making sure that ingredients are infused into the deepest layers of the skin. It also works with ALL the UFO activated smart masks – incorporating the optimal temperature, pulsation intensity & LED wavelength for maximum effect.

In addition, The FOREO For You App is here to provide the ultimate user-friendly experience. Use the app to unlock the full potential of UFO 2, control and adjust the intensity of settings and create customized supercharged facial treatments. You can even order masks via the app or use the “Find My UFO 2” feature if you ever misplace your beloved device. Skincare smarter and reap all the benefits!

UFO 2 vs UFO In Short:     

UFO 2 comes with the full spectrum of LED lights, faster heating and works with all of the UFO-activated smart masks. Still, there’s no denying that both of these beauty-tech devices are beyond impressive. 


We want to hear from you. Which one is your fave? Have you tried them before? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!