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Achieve 126% More Moisture in Just 2 Minutes - UFO™ 3 and FOREO’s Swedish Hydration Routine

Woman treating her face with FOREO UFO 3 hydration device, FOREO facial mask in hand

Experience a skin-transforming hydration ritual in just 2 minutes with the groundbreaking UFO™ 3. Known for our streamlined beauty approach that yields maximum results with minimal effort, in FOREO we present a superior alternative to traditional skincare methods with our revolutionary Swedish Hydration Routine and cutting-edge technology. Hydrating the skin is a fundamental step in any skincare regimen, and while hyaluronic acids have gained popularity as the go-to solution for quenching skin's thirst, FOREO offers a far superior option with the finest technology available. Meticulously crafted Swedish Hydration Routine, guarantees well-hydrated skin that exudes resilience, plumpness, and elasticity, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, adequately hydrated skin possesses an enhanced ability to defend against environmental stressors and maintain its natural barrier function, effectively preventing issues like dryness, inflammation, and breakouts. Central to the Swedish Hydration Routine is FOREO's UFO™ 3 device, engineered to harness the full potential of the five most sought-after spa treatments, all from the comfort of your own home and in under 2 minutes. This 5-in-1 spa facial wonder combines anti-aging masks, heating, cooling, LED light therapy, and massage into a single device. Working in harmony with specially designed UFO™ activated masks or FOREO sheet masks, the device allows you to indulge in pre-programmed routines effortlessly through the FOREO app. Operating with a fusion of scientifically backed Thermo-therapy, Cryo-therapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonic™ massage, the UFO™ 3 device supercharges your mask facial experience.

Pictured: UFO 3™ Thermo-therapy and Cryo-therapy setting 

These UFO™ treatments deliver immediate and long-lasting hydration to your skin. Clinically proven to increase skin moisture levels by a remarkable 126% in just 2 minutes, the effects can last up to 6 hours. By utilizing Hyper-Infusion Technology, which combines heat and massage, the UFO™ 3 effectively drives active ingredients from your mask deep into your skin, where they can work their magic. As a result, 78% of users have reported softer skin, improved suppleness, and the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.

Discover the simplicity of the Swedish Hydration Routine in just three easy steps!

STEP 1: Begin by cleansing your face, ensuring it is free from makeup and any remnants of the day. STEP 2: Select the UFO™ activated mask or FOREO sheet mask that suits your needs. STEP 3: Activate your UFO™ 3 device, choose your preferred pre-programmed routine, and revel in the pampering experience.

Pictured: UFO™ 3 and UFO masks used together for ultimate results

FOREO takes immense pride in presenting the Swedish Hydration Routine as a concept focused on promoting and facilitating our skin's health. So, take note: embrace simplicity, elevate relaxation... and bask in the envy-inducing Swedish hydrating glow that awaits you.

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