Our body naturally produces collagen to provide strength and structure to the skin, and to repair skin cells. However, we start producing less collagen as early as our mid-20s, with a significant decline at age 30. 

As a result, our skin’s natural healing processes get slower – which is why it becomes thinner and starts to lose elasticity, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation appear, and it gets more easily damaged.

FAQ™ 200 Silicone LED Face Masks provide collagen-boosting LED therapy in the form of different wavelengths of light, to re-strengthen different layers of the skin, and once again kick-start our skin’s natural healing processes – while we move around and get on with our day-to-day life. 

Anti-aging technology

FAQ™ 200 Silicone LED Face Masks is used to treat everything from pigmentation, fine lines and acne, to rosacea, spider veins and uneven skin tone, LED light therapy adds maximum power to any skin rejuvenation treatment.

Additionally, our heated diamond targets the more wrinkle-prone forehead area, helping to fade the appearance of frown lines. The mask also gently warms skin to temporarily dilate pores, so the LED can enter skin more efficiently.

It fits every face

One of the biggest issues with current LED masks on the market is that they don’t fit people’s faces perfectly – which means they’re uncomfortable, and each area of the face does not get the same concentration of LED light. In order to combat this, the engineers at FAQ™ Swiss scanned tens of thousands of faces to develop the very first LED mask that perfectly fits every face. 

Move around freely, and enjoy spa-level LED facial treatments, at the push of a button.

Designed with unique flexi-fit silicone, FAQ™ 200 LED Masks are flexible and ergonomically shaped – so they can comfortably and effectively mold to your face like a transparent second skin. This ensures every area of your face receives the same concentration of LED light. The silicone is also ultra-hygienic, non-porous, easy to clean, and quick-drying. And it’s more resistant to microbial contamination than plastic.  

Unlike other LED masks which only beam light on a few specific points on the face, FAQ™ LED masks spread light evenly across your skin via 600 optimized points of light. Coupled with the flexi-fit aspect, this ensures that the LED wavelengths penetrate each millimeter of the skin – delivering the same effective treatment to all areas at the same time, no matter what your face shape.

Meet FAQ 202

Introducing an entirely new generation of LED mask. Ultra-lightweight, wireless, and made with flexi-fit silicone to mold to your facial contours for even light coverage. FAQ™ 202 features 8 different wavelengths, including NIR, to tackle signs of aging and other skin concerns –  while you do literally anything else. Move around freely, and enjoy spa-level LED facial treatments, at the push of a button.

FAQ™ 202 is perfect for you because:

INDICATOR LIGHT – Indicates when device is in Bluetooth pairing mode, and Smart Control mode.

NON-SLIP HEADBAND – Made of silicone for ultimate comfort, and so it doesn’t pull hair. Keeps mask securely on your face so you can move around freely.

FLEXI-FIT SILICONE – Ultra-hygienic and easy to clean. Molds to your face like a transparent second skin for ease of movement.  

CHARGING PORT – Up to 2 hours of use per USB charge. 

UNIVERSAL BUTTON – Turns device on / off, puts device in Bluetooth pairing mode, and switches LED colors.

OPEN EYE DESIGN – Protects eyes from powerful LED wavelengths, and allows ease of movement as you can see clearly even while wearing the mask.

600 POINTS OF LIGHT – Pulsing 3000x per second, and optimized to ensure the LED wavelengths penetrate evenly across all areas of the face.

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