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We're Rooting For You: How to Grow Out Your Dye Job Gracefully

Grow out your hair with ease. Let’s face it, roots aren’t always pretty. They are one of the great enemies of any hair color fanatic. Maintaining your hair color with fast-growing roots can not only be expensive, but also damaging to your locks. If you’re trying to grow out one of your latest highlight or full dye jobs and transition back into a more natural look, we’ve got the tips to get you there. Take a look at our hair hacks for hiding roots and find out which dye techniques are best suited for your hair growing preferences.    


For a natural look, try babylights, a delicate color technique that mimics the subtle yet dimensional hair color seen on children’s hair.  This hair effect will add a shimmer to your color and help blend your roots with your colored hair in a natural way.



If your highlights are growing out in an unflattering way, use the technique of lowlights to let your natural color blend with lighter hair for a multi-toned look. This will not only space out the highlights, but also even out the entire hair color for a more natural look.    

Balayage or Ombre

If the roots growing in are significantly darker than your dyed hair color, try opting for a Balayage or Ombre look. By blending your hair with a natural gradient effect, it will eliminate the harsh difference between your grown-out roots and color.    


A semi-permanent tinted glaze is a great way to make roots less obvious as they continue to grow in.  Ask your stylist to use a glaze next time you visit the salon for a more subtle technique for filling in your roots. This treatment won’t completely hide your roots, but will make them significantly less obvious and give your hair a nice shimmer to it.  

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