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Happy World Beard Day!

Let’s delve into the exciting world of men’s facial hair. Some love them, some can’t stand them, some can’t grow them and some are terrified of them. (Seriously, the fear of beards is called pogonophobia.) Be that as it may, beards have been thriving for as long as our entire species.

Beards have always been a pretty big deal

In prehistoric times they were seen as an additional layer of protection against the elements (and also against blows to the face). But believe it or not, even prehistoric men liked the aesthetics of their multi-tasking chin extensions. To them, beards represented masculinity, life experience and wisdom. And these exciting men’s accessories carry similar connotations in our modern-day society too.

To beard or not to beard that is the question

Beards can be beautiful, breathtaking, intimidating, astonishing, impressive and useful. Did you know that they protect your sebum and keep your skin moisturized? So if you have sensitive skin that's acting up, try taking a break from shaving. Let your beard grow and give your face time to heal and relax. Beards are here to help. And wait till you hear about their built-in sunscreen tendencies! A study by the University of Southern Queensland discovered that they offer 90% to 95% protection from harmful sun rays. Furthermore, beards protect against time-wasting because men who shave end up spending over a 1000 hours of their life shaving! That’s a month and a half spent in the bathroom! Today different cultures perceive beards in different ways. In some societies, beards are still heavily linked to religious or cultural customs. In others, their primary role is aesthetics. Nevertheless, men from all corners of the world are growing them. And these men take their beards very seriously. As they should. 

How to groom your beard in this day and age

Any self-respecting beard owner knows that the key to a great beard is great maintenance. That’s why we’ve seen a meteoric rise in beard-related cosmetic products over the years. Serums, oils, shampoos and conditioners all sound great. But what if I told you that there’s a new way to groom? Let me introduce you to FOREO’s LUNA range for men! These mighty gadgets are designed to take care of your beard & keep your face squeaky clean at the same time! The high-tech T-Sonic pulsations will get rid of 99.5% of dirt while toning your face and stimulating blood flow. And don’t worry, it works on us beardless individuals too! Keep your face clean, your skin toned and your beard in superb shape for years to come! To sum up, beards, also known as cool-looking face ornaments, make people feel happy and confident. And that’s something worth celebrating. Happy World Beard Day everyone!



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I have read your post. This is very informative and helpful.


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