Christmas gifting can sometimes be easy, and other times a mind wracking debacle on what to get a certain someone. At FOREO we don’t have the answer to solving all gifting dilemmas. But for those who wish to treat friends and loved ones to a world of pampering and skincare, our holiday gift guide offers a curated selection of otherworldly skin tech devices for the beauty aficionado to the beginner skincare regime builder.

So lets break down our present match making…

For the skincare regime builder








LUNA 3 Plus

The award-winning skincare staple that’s guaranteed to be on their wish list. LUNA™ 3 Plus is the ultimate cleansing device as it is the only beauty-tech in the world that features thermo-cleansing and targeted microcurrent in one smart device.


For the skincare aficionado


Beauty tech to take their skincare roster up a notch with hyper infusion technology for at-home supercharged facials. UFO 2 can be used with FOREO’s customised UFO 2 masks for at-home pamper sessions that combine cryotherapy, thermotherapy and full spectrum LED light treatment for a well rounded facial. As a device with many hats, this pocket rocket beauty tech can be used daily to infuse serums deeper into the skin for greater benefit. 


For the masking addict

UFO 2 Masks

Nourishing mask treatments tailored to their skin needs. For those that love to sheet mask but don’t want to wait 2o minutes for all the goodness to soak in, FOREO’s mask range combined with UFO 2 gives them all the benefits in under 2 minutes. 


For the beauty pro

The BEAR Range

Now this one is for the skincare aficionado who has a teeming bathroom cabinet but deserves a little more. The BEAR range is the world’s safest at home microcurrent device that lifts, tones and sculpts the skin with routine use.