FOREO has undoubtedly set the standard for hydrated, youthful and radiant skin with the revolutionary UFO™ 3 and UFO™ 3 LED devices. Both of these products have incredible features that cater to different skincare needs, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect match.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the UFO™ 3 and UFO™ 3 LED, celebrating their unique qualities and why they’re the perfect additions to your beauty routines. 

Think of UFO™ devices as your very own “beauty spa” in the palm of your hand. These immersive skin-tech tools are packed with cutting-edge technologies and housed in a cute yet powerful puck. 

Let’s find out which one is better for your skin needs.

UFO™ 3 – Full spectrum of possibilities

This 5-in-1 spa facial wonder combines anti-aging masks, heating, cooling, LED light therapy, and massage into a single device.

For those with dull and dehydrated skin, the UFO™ 3 is the perfect solution to restore your skin’s radiance. This device is like a glass of water for your face, instantly hydrating your complexion with its unique features.

One of its standout features is LED therapy, a gentle and effective way to rejuvenate and transform your skin, leaving it youthful, radiant, and revitalized. With UFO™ 3, you have access to a full spectrum of LED lights, each with its own wavelength to target different skin needs.

Packed with 5-in-1 spa facial wonders that combine Thermo-therapyCryo-therapy, LED light therapy, and T-Sonic™ massage, the UFO™ 3 device supercharges your mask facial experience.

Pictured: UFO 3 Thermo-therapy and Cryo-therapy setting 

By utilizing Hyper-Infusion Technology, which combines heat and massage, the UFO™ 3 effectively drives active ingredients from your mask deep into your skin, where they can work their magic. As a result, 78% of users have reported softer skin, improved suppleness, and the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.

UFO™ 3 LED – Best for Aging Skin

Just like its sibling, the UFO™ 3 LED offers a delightful heated mask function. This feature ensures your skin receives the hydration it craves, leaving it plump and revitalized.

Concentrated NIR LED Light Therapy: The UFO™ 3 LED shines (literally!) in its ability to employ Near Infrared (NIR) LED light therapy.

UFO™ 3 LED treats signs of aging with concentrated NIR therapy and full spectrum LED light – for an instantly radiant, healthy-looking complexion. 4 clinically proven technologies provide clinically proven results.

These powerful wavelengths penetrate the superficial layers and target the deeper tissues, providing an unmatched and holistic LED treatment while boosting your skin’s luminosity, giving you that coveted healthy and radiant glow.

UFO™ device is also known for its healing, reducing inflammation, and boosting collagen production abilities as you embrace the rejuvenating effects of our red and NIR light therapy.

Backed with remarkable results as research-backed technology heals scars, minimizes skin discoloration, and effectively combats sun damage and inflammation.

Both devices bring a full-spectrum LED light and are clinically proven to increase skin moisture levels by 126% in just 2 mins and bring radience and hydration to your skin.

So, embrace radiant and revitalized skin through the unparalleled potential of UFO™ devices and let us know which one is your choice.