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Do Skin Experts Recommend Facial Cleansing Brushes? And Why?

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Join us as we dive into the world of skincare wisdom with Dr Raj Arora, FOREO's skincare expert. In this blog post, we will be exploring her invaluable advice on the proper usage and benefits of facial cleansing brushes. Gain insights from a true authority in the field and elevate your skincare routine to new heights. Skin cleansing is important for the removal of dirt, debris and sebum. Less dirt, oil and grime leads to clearer pores and a better overall skin complexion. Skin cleansing can be enhanced by the use of a facial cleansing brush, provided the device is gentle and it is used correctly.  Typically, the more traditional cleansing brushes with nylon bristles can lead to over exfoliation and irritation to the skin. This can lead to more harm than good and can disrupt the skin’s natural barrier. Oftentimes these brushes can harbour bacteria and exacerbate acne/sensitive skin types.

Silicone Face Brushes 

Having said this, cleansing without a skin device can be ineffective. Silicone based facial cleansing devices are great for elevating your skincare routine. They are super gentle on the skin, the bristles are easy to clean and super hygienic. I recommend the LUNA™ 4 cleansing device by FOREO  to all of my patients. It works wonders in all skin types. The silicone bristles combined with T-sonic pulsations help to shift up to 99.5% of dirt, grime and oil from the skin’s surface. Your skincare is going to go a long way if the skin has been prepared perfectly beforehand. I would recommend this type of silicone-based device as it is easy to ensure that the cleansing process is gentle yet effective. In fact it’s so gentle that you can use it up to twice a day and incorporate it into your morning and evening skincare routine!

Pictured: LUNA™ 4 device

Tips on Skincare, by FOREO Experts

With anything extraordinary, we must only expect (and demand) extraordinary effects. FOREO saw an opportunity in this and patented their own innovative technology named T-Sonic, allowing the devices cleansing abilities to not only be reserved for skin smoothing and surface layers, This goes far beyond by pulsating vertically into the pores which acts as a power wash for pores whilst stimulating blood flow and circulation to give a natural radiance, no matter what cleanser you are using with the device. One question I get asked often is “what will I first notice on my skin” and from an avid user for over 5 years now, I can still remember my ‘first’ cleanse! You will notice immediately the smoothness of the skin and a plump feel as the skin has been awoken and without an abrasive nature to the device you won’t get the usual tight or stripped feel to the skin post cleanse.

Best Advice on Picking a Facial Cleansing Brush

Firstly take your time to research this, it can be rather confusing with so many models and companies now trying to emulate or in fact copycat silicone cleansing brushes. Youtube and real life videos are my ‘go-to’ tips for helping users decide what devices are best for them and I’d recommend you to do the same. Though I will leave here my top tips and checklist if you are on the hunt for a cleansing device:

  1.     Is it hygienic? Look out for hypoallergenic silicone which is free of BPA
  2.     Can I travel with it (how many uses per charge, so I won’t need a charger taking it abroad)
  3.     Can it work with my current cleanser or routine without needing to change it?
  4.     Do I need replaceable parts? If so, avoid it! Investing in a quality device shouldn’t require you to change elements of it unless it is a toothbrush.
  5.     Is there a warranty, look for one year minimum as an industry standard
  6.   Choose the correct and your favourite colour, make the wrong one and you risk this becoming a haunting reminder each time you see it on the sink (speaking from experience)
  7. Is it a reputable seller or store?

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