Make the most of your lunch hour.


Studies have shown that breaking a midday sweat can boost energy, productivity, and overall happiness. So, why aren’t you slipping out of the office between meetings, assignments, and emails to hit the elliptical? No more excuses. Here are some tips on how to pull it off.

woman doing push ups


Get out of the office

Triple-check you don’t have any calls or meetings and make sure you’ve answered any urgent emails. You can also plan to come into the office early or stay late, if needed. Block out your calendar to put your mind at ease or suggest “sweatworking” and take your 12 p.m. meeting from the boardroom to the Pilates room.

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Get ready and set

To save as much time, prep accordingly. Fuel up with a small snack on your way over to the gym (especially if you haven’t had lunch yet). You can even wear workout gear that doubles as business casual attire (see: black leggings and chic sneakers), just steer clear of any obvious workout styles or anything outside of your company’s dress code. If you have long hair, douse your strands with dry shampoo, put it up in a bun or braid, and slip on a moisture-wicking headband to avoid greasy roots. Also use a facial wipe to remove pore-clogging makeup.  


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Maximize your workout

Any exercise is better than none, so pick whatever strikes your fancy. Just stick to short, 30- to 45-minute sessions, or even shorter, to ensure you have enough time to cool down and shower. If you want to avoid a flushed face and sopping wet hair, try activities that keep sweat to a minimum. Strength training, yoga, or Pilates are usually good options.

yoga class


Clean up

You’ll probably want to rinse off after your sweat session, so grab a towel and head straight to the showers to avoid a line. If you want to skip the shower after a low-intensity workout (we’re not judging), just mop up sweat with wet wipes and your coworkers will be none the wiser (deodorant, however is non-negotiable). If you’d like, apply basic makeup like tinted moisturizer, cream blush, and mascara.

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Get back to work

Pack lunch or grab some healthy grub on your way back to the office—and don’t even think about stepping out for any hour-long excursions for the rest of the day. Put your amped-up energy to good use for the rest of the afternoon and finish up any lingering to-dos.

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